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Fall Strata 2017 Coverage

Cloud In, Hadoop Out as Hot Repository for Big Data

If you’re in charge of architecting a big data strategy for your organization, you have a lot of tough decisions to make. One of the easiest, however, may be to use cloud repositories to store and process the biggest sets of data instead of Hadoop — and the Hadoop ecosystem vendors are going along with it.

Public clouds are quickly becoming the primary store for big data analytics for all but the most heavily regulated industries. Read more…

Feature Articles from Fall Strata 2017

Who Controls Our Algorithmic Future?


The accelerating pace of digitization is bringing real, tangible benefits to our society and economy, which we cover daily in the pages on this site. But increased reliance on machine learning algorithms brings its own unique set of risks that threaten to unwind progress and turn people against one another. Read more…

Hadoop Was Hard to Find at Strata This Week


It’s been barely six months since the word “Hadoop” was removed from the name of the world’s biggest big-data trade show, and at this week’s Strata Data Conference in New York City, Hadoop all but disappeared. Yet key parts of the Hadoop platform appear likely to survive.

It was an auspicious absence, to be sure. Read more…

Five Companies to Watch at Strata Data Conference


Just like the Big Apple, the big data industry doesn’t sleep, and innovations are constantly occuring. Here are five companies exhibiting at the Strata Data Conference this week that are either new, or are doing something new and innovative with big data.


Lightbend, formerly known as Typesafe, originally created a development platform for building microservices and distributed Web apps, but so many people asked it about streaming analytics apps that it decided to build the Fast Data Platform. Read more…

Cloudera Eyes Uniform Data Experience for All


In an ideal world, your compute shifts seamlessly among on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment models, and your BI apps have access to the same data as your machine learning and streaming apps. In the real world, however, there are practical roadblocks to achieving those goal. Cloudera inched closer to overcoming those roadblocks with a pair of announcements at Strata Data Conference this week. Read more…

Iguazio, the Anti-Hadoop, Goes GA


Iguazio’s crusade against the Hadoop ecosystem’s complexity and sluggish performance reached a milestone today when it announced the general availability of its unified data platform. The vendor also revealed that Grab, a Singaporean ride-hailing firm, replaced its AWS-based real-time decision-making engine with Iguazio.

Lots of people complain that the Hadoop ecosystem of tools is too big, complex, and slow to meet their needs. Read more…

How Graph Databases Help Smart Homes Become Connected Homes


There is nearly limitless potential for smart home automation to alter the way that humans go about about their days. With innovations like smart kitchen appliances, custom weather forecasts and even personal robots, there is a plethora of devices that promise to help smart homes make our lives simpler.

Read more…

SQL Databases Integrating NoSQL-like Features


Relational databases (SQL) have been used for decades by nearly every type of business around the world.  The technology is reliable, based on stable standards, and has been mature for more than 20 years.

While the concept of non-relational databases (NoSQL) actually pre-dates relational databases, they only became viable about 10 years ago. Read more…

Data Plane Offering Marks New Phase for Hortonworks


The new Data Plane Service (DPS) that Hortonworks unveiled today at the Strata Data Conference marks the start of a new phase for the publicly traded company, according to Arun Murthy, chief product officer and co-founder of the company.

If Hortonworks’s Distribution of Apache Hadoop (HDP) was the company’s first stage and its Apache NiFi-based  stream processing system, dubbed Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF), was the second stage, then the launch of DPS marks a new stage, according to Murthy. Read more…

News in Brief from Fall Strata 2017

Scality Extends Multi-Cloud Storage to Azure


A host of infrastructure vendors are attempting to broaden their cloud footprint as more enterprises hedge their bets with hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Among them is software-defined object and cloud storage vendor Scality, which announced this week it is offering a cloud connection tool that extends its object storage beyond Amazon Web Services’ Read more…

Tools Boost Access to Product Data


A new set of features is designed to give application developers greater access to critical product data that in many enterprises is viewed only by small groups of employees.

Amplitude, a product analytics specialist, said new features added to its platform also account for the fact that product teams are still using analytics tools designed for marketers. Read more…

Former Yahoo Unit Releases Vespa Engine


Vespa, Yahoo’s big data processing and serving engine, is now available as open source on GitHub, Oath Inc., the company formed in June after the completion of Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo, announced this week.

Yahoo released Hadoop as an open-source platform in 2006. Oath, the successor to Yahoo, said Tuesday (Sept. Read more…

Strata Data Conference Kicks Off in New York


The big data universe this week descends upon New York City for the Strata Data Conference, a four-day technology extravaganza that seems to get bigger every year.

It’s been a scant six years since O’Reilly Media held its first Strata event in Santa Clara, California with just over 100 speakers and 1,400 attendees. Read more…

Datameer’s Tool Seeks to Boost Data Lake Adoption


As big data set keeps getting bigger, vendors are pitching different approaches for exploring it faster and at scale with the goal of delivering real-time analytics.

Among the frameworks being unveiled at this week’s Strata conference in New York City is an “interactive visual exploration” tool from analytics software vendor Datameer. Read more…

MapR-DB Gets Secondary Indexes to Drive Operational Analytics


The ever-shrinking window of opportunity to act upon fresh data arriving from the world is forcing application developers to get more creative in how they analyze that data. Right there with them is MapR, which today at the Strata Data Conference unveiled a new release of its MapR-DB database that gives developers more powerful capabilities for operational analytics, including native support for secondary indexes. Read more…

This Just In from Fall Strata 2017