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MongoDB Users Discuss Their NoSQL Journeys

Jun 26, 2017 |

NoSQL databases account for a very small fraction of the overall database market, yet this segment is growing much faster than the overall market. What’s driving this big demand in NoSQL? Read more…

Hadoop Engines Compete in Comcast Query ‘Smackdown’

Jun 22, 2017 |

Who rules the ring when it comes to Hadoop SQL query engine performance? Can flashy newcomers like Presto and Spark take an established giant like MapReduce to the matt? Comcast recently held a competition to crown the best Hadoop engine, and the answer may surprise you. Read more…

Ayasdi Seeks to Simplify Topological Data Analysis

Jun 21, 2017 |

As the only commercial provider of topological data analysis (TDA) software, Ayasdi is not inclined to share exactly how its powerful technology works. But the company is working to make the TDA application development process easier and more transparent with a pair of new offerings unveiled today. Read more…

Pushing the Scale of Deep Learning at ISC

Jun 19, 2017 |

Deep learning is the latest and most compelling technology strategy to take aim at the decades-old “drowning in data/starving for insight” problem. But contrary to the commonly held notion, deep learning is more than a big data problem per se. Read more…

Carts & Horses: Why You Need to Focus on Data First

Jun 19, 2017 |

Like most of us, I love shiny new objects and learning about how successful companies are building them into their operations. Google’s use of Neural Nets for Translate? Read more…

News In Brief

Cray Brings AI and HPC Together on Flagship Supers

Jun 20, 2017 |

Cray took one more step toward the convergence of big data and high performance computing (HPC) today when it announced that it’s adding a full suite of big data and artificial intelligence software to its top-of-the-line XC Series supercomputers. Read more…

MongoDB Takes Another Big Step Into Clouds

Jun 20, 2017 |

MongoDB today took a big step toward achieving its goal ultimate cloud goal when it announced that its Atlas NoSQL database service now runs on Google and Microsoft clouds, in addition to AWS. Read more…

Yahoo’s Massive Hadoop Scale on Display at Dataworks Summit

Jun 16, 2017 |

Yahoo put its massive Hadoop investment on display this week at Dataworks Summit, the semi-annual big data conference that it co-hosts with Hortonworks.

While Hadoop is no longer the conference headliner that it once was, the platform is still critical for the daily operations of Yahoo, which officially became part of Verizon Communications this week when the $4.5 billion acquisition finally closed. Read more…

IBM Throws In with Hortonworks’ Hadoop

Jun 13, 2017 |

IBM and Hortonworks will distribute each other’s products as part of a major extension of their strategic partnership unveiled today at Hortonworks DataWorks Summit/Hadoop Summit in San Jose, California.

As part of the deal, IBM will distribute HortonworksRead more…

Data Quality Unites with Integration at Syncsort

Jun 7, 2017 |

Syncsort has established itself as a major player in the market for big data integration software with its DMX-h product. Following its acquisition of Trillium last year, the company is taking the next step of giving customers the convenience of accessing data quality and governance capabilities from within its integration software. Read more…

This Just In

Syncsort Announces DMX Change Data Capture

Jun 22, 2017 |

PEARL RIVER, N.Y., June 22, 2017 — Syncsort has announced new capabilities in its unrivaled mainframe data access and integration solution that continuously, quickly and efficiently populates Hadoop data lakes with changes in mainframe data. Read more…

IBM Advances Unified Governance, Data Science for Cognitive Computing

Jun 22, 2017 |

MUNICH, June 22, 2017 — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced sweeping advances to its data governance and data science initiatives designed to help developers and analysts tap into the power of cognitive computing. Read more…

Talend Accelerates Growth by Opening New Office in India

Jun 22, 2017 |

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. & BANGALORE, India, June 22, 2017 —Talend (NASDAQ:TLND) today announced the official opening of its office in Bangalore, India, to address regional sales opportunities and better serve client needs on a global basis. Read more…

Snowflake Announces Data Sharehouse

Jun 22, 2017 |

For more information about what Snowflake Data Sharing means to data analytics and the data economy overall, read Bob Muglia’s latest blog. You can also visit to learn about the features, benefits and technology of Snowflake Data Sharing.

Read more…

MongoDB to Deliver Critical Financial Data 250x Faster for IHS Markit

Jun 21, 2017 |

CHICAGO, June 21, 2017 — Mission-critical financial data is being served up to 250 times quicker to IHS Markit‘s customers, after the company migrated to MongoDB for its Data Delivery Service

IHS Markit (NASDAQ: Read more…