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5 Factors Driving the Graph Database Explosion

Aug 19, 2016 |

There’s no denying it: Graph databases are hot. According to, graph databases have outgrown every other type of database in popularity since 2013, and not by a small margin either. Read more…

Python Eats Into R as SAS Dominance Fades

Aug 15, 2016 |

A new survey of data science tools shows that Python usage is quickly gaining steam among advance analytic professionals, at the expense of both R and SAS.

Last month the executive recruiting firm Burtch Works published the latest results of an ongoing “flash survey” Read more…

Three NoSQL Databases You’ve Never Heard Of

Jul 15, 2016 |

There’s a certain class of data problem that is elegantly addressed by NoSQL databases, which is why the market for NoSQL databases is growing faster than the overall market. The market is led by the Big Four, including Couchbase, Datastax, MarkLogic, and MongoDB, but there’s a long tail of other players in the NoSQL market, including some older products that are still going strong. Read more…

Concord Claims 10x Performance Edge on Spark Streaming

Jul 14, 2016 |

Organizations that are looking for a stream processing engine upon which to build fast data applications featuring high-throughput and low-latency may want to check out Concord, a new framework that emerged from the ad-tech world and reportedly runs 10 times faster than Spark Streaming and Storm. Read more…

How TransUnion Maximizes Data Science Tools and Talent

Jul 11, 2016 |

You may know TransUnion as one of the credit bureaus that controls the interest rate on your new loan. But in fact the company does much more, and has solutions around fraud detection, collections, and marketing, among others. Read more…

News In Brief

‘Smart Machines’ Top the Hype Cycle, Gartner Says

Aug 22, 2016 |

Every summer, technologists turn to Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, which has become a barometer of sorts for gauging the state of various hardware and software innovations that are expected to impact business and society over the next decade. Read more…

Flash Memory Gives Databases a Jolt

Aug 12, 2016 |

Database vendors are looking for new memory technology options as datasets continue to soar. With that in mind, Redis Labs Inc. claimed this week that its database running on flash memory along with Intel Corp.’s NVM Express flash-based SSDs achieved record performance. Read more…

Datos IO Partners With AWS on Data Backup

Aug 2, 2016 |

Growing deployment of distributed applications on scale-out and cloud databases has, vendors claim, fueled the need to protect critical application data, resulting in data governance standards that mandate backup and recovery capabilities as part of the application stack. Read more…

Tableau Automates K-Means Clustering in V10 Refresh

Jul 28, 2016 |

The upcoming release of Tableau 10 will introduce new features aimed at simplifying how customers use advanced analytic functions upon their data, such as a new k-means clustering algorithm that works in drag-and-drop fashion. Read more…

Doubts Mount About Data Payoffs

Jul 13, 2016 |

Mounting evidence contained in vendor surveys suggests executives who play a key role in data and analytics technology investments are increasingly dissatisfied with the results of current approaches to analytics and the ultimate goal of problem solving. Read more…

This Just In

Splunk Enterprise Chosen as Analytics Platform for New IT Architecture at Cardinal Health

Aug 16, 2016 |

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Aug. 16 — Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced that Cardinal Health, a global health services and products company, is standardizing on Splunk Enterprise to monitor the success of a major business infrastructure project. Read more…

Qlik Deployed by Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Aug 8, 2016 |

RADNOR, Pa., Aug. 8 — Qlik (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in visual analytics, today announced that Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a global research-driven biopharmaceutical company, has deployed Qlik. Read more…

Talend Selected by Univadis to Support Market Expansion

Jul 12, 2016 |

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 12 — Talend, a global leader in big data and cloud integration solutions, announced that Univadis, an information portal dedicated to healthcare professionals present in 90 countries and in more than 20 languages, which was recently acquired by Aptus Health, has implemented Talend Data Fabric to optimize its integration of multi-lingual content and enhance user access security. Read more…

PHEMI Releases New Big Data White Paper

Jul 12, 2016 |

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 12 — PHEMI, developer of enterprise-grade big data privacy, governance, and management solutions, today released a new white paper, Healthcare Big Data Warehouse in the Cloud. Read more…

IMS Health Chooses Cloudera Enterprise to Support Big Data Factory for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Jul 6, 2016 |

DANBURY, Conn., July 6 — IMS Health (NYSE: IMS) today announced that it has selected Cloudera Enterprise to support its Big Data Factory, a cloud-based platform that transforms data into intelligence for life sciences and healthcare clients as they navigate dynamic markets, drive operational excellence and demonstrate the value of medicines. Read more…