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Has Big Data Peaked?

Oct 4, 2016 |

Fewer companies are planning to invest in big data projects over the next two years due to concerns about getting a return on investment (ROI) and the difficulty in moving big data projects from pilot to production, among other reasons, Gartner said today. Read more…

What If a Data Scientist Became President?

Sep 26, 2016 |

Tonight we’ll hear from the two main candidates applying to be the next president of the United States. The debate should give voters a clearer picture of how the next president will govern. Read more…

Data Science Education Evolves to Meet Surging Demand

Sep 26, 2016 |

Here’s some good news for young data science professionals looking for that first job: your skills are in high demand and will help you land a job with an average starting salary close to $120,000. Read more…

Flink: Worth a Second Look

Sep 16, 2016 |

The big data ecosphere has evolved to the point where there are clear technology leaders. In the category of SQL engines that run on Hadoop, Hive and Spark are clearly the dominant products among open source developers. Read more…

SAS Goes Back to the Future of Cognitive Computing with Viya

Sep 13, 2016 |

SAS yesterday unveiled plans to bolster its entire product lineup under the new Viya architecture with hefty doses of cognitive computing in an effort to make the software easier to use, more responsive to human input, and able to learn from experience. Read more…

News In Brief

Visualization Startup Targets First Responders

Jan 3, 2017 |

A startup has developed a visual data analytics platform based on technology developed at Purdue University that focuses on delivering real-time information for first responders.

Davista Technologies is targeting law enforcement, public safety and health care sectors that are increasingly inundated with text, audio and visual data. Read more…

Startup Looks to Move Machine Intelligence to Net Edge

Dec 7, 2016 |

As industrial applications continue to push technology investments ranging from networking to data analytics, a data science startup behind a “mesh intelligence” platform designed to close the “machine-to-human” gap said it has closed an early funding round. Read more…

Attention Shoppers: You’re Being Analyzed

Nov 30, 2016 |

Commerce Signals, developer of a bridge platform designed to connect advertisers and publishers with data from financial institutions, announced a partnership this week that combines transaction with location data so retailers can understand customers’ Read more…

Data Platform Seeks to Cut Soaring Rx Drug Costs

Nov 28, 2016 |

A cloud-based data management platform designed to straighten out what critics say is the mess that is the current approach to managing drug benefits got a boost when ex-Apple CEO John Sculley joined the cause. Read more…

ML Tool Speeds Deployment of Health Predictor

Nov 17, 2016 |

Large health datasets are being used to develop predictive risk models for individual and population groups. The latest example is a partnership between a predictive analytics vendor and a machine-learning platform specialist to deploy a new health predictor. Read more…

This Just In

CommutAir Leverages The Weather Company to Harness the Power of Big Data

Dec 8, 2016 |

ANDOVER, Mass., Dec. 8 — The Weather Company, an IBM (NYSE: IBM) Business, announced today it will be expanding its relationship with CommutAir, one of the fastest growing regional airlines in the United States. Read more…

Deloitte Introduces Suite of Advanced Analytics Solutions

Oct 27, 2016 |

Oct. 27 — To help deliver powerful outcomes for supply chain organizations, Deloitte developed a suite of analytics solutions to transform data into real-time predictive insights. The suite is designed to create smarter, customer-demand-driven supply chains connected at every step — providing clients with an insight driven advantage. Read more…

IBM and Esri Team Up to Offer Cognitive Analytics and IoT in the IBM Cloud

Oct 26, 2016 |

REDLANDS, Calif., Oct. 26 — At this year’s IBM World of Watson event in Las Vegas, global smart mapping leader Esri announced that it now works with IBM users and developers to broaden the customer experience by making Esri data and technology available in the IBM cloud. Read more…

Alteryx and Udacity Introduce New Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree Program

Oct 20, 2016 |

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 20 — Alteryx, Inc., the leader in self-service data analytics, announced it is partnering with Udacity, an online education provider, on the Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree program which opens today. Read more…

Accenture and SAP Collaborate to Develop Predictive Analytics Solutions

Oct 12, 2016 |

NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 12 — Accenture (NYSE: ACN) announced a collaboration with SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) to develop the next generation of predictive analytics solutions for asset management in the utilities industry to enable condition-based maintenance. Read more…