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Understanding Your Options for Stream Processing Frameworks

May 30, 2019 |

Real-time stream processing isn’t a new concept, but it’s experiencing renewed interest from organizations tasked with finding ways to quickly process large volumes of streaming data. Luckily for you, there are a handful of open source frameworks that could give your developers a big head start in building your own custom stream-processing application. Read more…

Three Deadly Sins of Data Science

May 21, 2019 |

Over the last few years, data science (DS) has moved from small-scale R&D efforts in companies to production applications, strategic decision-making, and other avenues of business value creation. While it’s still early in the story of understanding how DS should operate inside a business, there are some clear “anti-patterns” or “sins.”

These problems have plagued organizations from tech titans to small startups. Read more…

The Rise of the Citizen Data Scientist: How Humanized Machine Learning Is Augmenting Human Intelligence

May 20, 2019 |

IDC estimates worldwide data volume is set to rise by 61% between 2018 and 2025 – eventually reaching 175 zettabytes – with much of this generated by businesses. Read more…

How Machine Learning Prevents Employees from Churning

May 14, 2019 |

According to Driver Knowledge, there is an average of 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every year (about 16,438 per day), 72% of these crashes result in property damage, and the driver is 23 times more likely to crash if texting. Read more…

Big Data Challenges of Industry 4.0

Apr 25, 2019 |

The original Industrial Revolution, which straddled the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, transformed the world as mechanized, engine-powered production processes and tools replaced manual methods. Read more…

News In Brief

Serverless SQL Engine Targets Cloud Analytics

Jun 13, 2019 |

Qubole Inc., the cloud analytics vendor, has added a serverless engine to its platform aimed at simplifying complex tasks like creating data pipelines and server clusters used to scale analytics workloads in the cloud. Read more…

AI-Driven Decision Platforms Live in the Moment

Jun 12, 2019 |

The emerging market for AI-driven digital decision-making is grounded in new applications developed using machine learning models designed to help analysts crunch data that would allow their bosses to make the right decision, whether its engaging with customers or managing a complex supply chain. Read more…

Acquisition Binge: Salesforce Buys Tableau

Jun 10, 2019 |

Analytics vendors continue to be prime acquisition targets for cloud companies with deep pockets.

The latest example is the acquisition of self-service analytics platform specialist Tableau Software by enterprise cloud giant Salesforce in an all-stock transaction valued at $15.7 billion. Read more…

Google, Looker Eye Data Scaling via Multi-Cloud

Jun 6, 2019 |

Google Cloud has moved to buttress its position in the booming data analytics sector with its acquisition of data platform and visualization tool vendor Looker.

Underscoring a trend among infrastructure vendors, Google Cloud said Thursday (June 6) Looker’s platform would run on multiple clouds and Looker customers would be able to access data from Google Cloud’s competitors. Read more…

This Just In

Dun & Bradstreet Enters Agreement to Acquire Lattice Engines

Jun 14, 2019 |

SHORT HILLS, N.J., June 14, 2019 — Dun & Bradstreet today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Lattice Engines, the leading AI-powered customer data platform (CDP), enabling B2B organizations to scale their account-based marketing and sales programs across every channel. Read more…

Adobe Unveils AI-Powered Technology Previews in Adobe Experience Cloud

Jun 14, 2019 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 14, 2019 — Rising expectations and competition for the empowered consumer force brands to have purpose with each customer interaction; the need for an exceptional experience drives the need for the best customer-centric capabilities available. Read more…

Toshiba Memory America Announces SSD Compatibility with Excelero’s NVMesh Software-Defined Block Storage Products

Jun 13, 2019 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 13, 2019 – Toshiba Memory America, Inc. (TMA), the U.S.-based subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Corporation, today announced that its CD5 Series data center NVMe SSDs and CM5 Series enterprise NVMe SSDs are now certified and compatible with Excelero’s flagship NVMesh software-defined block storage products. Read more…

Domo Launches Domo for Amazon Web Services

Jun 13, 2019 |

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, June 13, 2019 — Domo officials announced Domo for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Domo for AWS is a new purpose-built package that gives AWS customers an easy way to make data from nearly two dozen AWS services securely accessible to virtually anyone across the company to drive new business value. Read more…

Toshiba’s GriDB and Hitachi’s Pentaho Data Integration and Analysis Platform Deliver New Capabilities to Business Customers

Jun 12, 2019 |

KAWASAKI and TOKYO, June 12, 2019 ―Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba) and Hitachi Ltd. (Hitachi) today announced a strategic cooperation that will bring together Toshiba’s GridDB scale-out database and Hitachi’s Pentaho data integration and analysis platform, providing business users in diverse industries with essential tools for managing and enhancing analysis of the rich data streams delivered by IoT. Read more…

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