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Fresh Streaming Data: Get It While It’s Hot

Sep 28, 2016 |

Streaming data technology that’s been simmering on the backburner for the past few years will be the main entrée at this week’s Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York City. Read more…

Data Engineers in Hot Demand

Sep 27, 2016 |

The big data community has been dealing with the data scientist shortage ever since big data became a thing. Now we’re learning that there’s possibly an even bigger shortage of another type of data professional: Read more…

The Past, Present and Future of Finance

Sep 23, 2016 |

Until recently, the personal finance industry was stuck in the past. Consumers could only capture data and insights on spending that had already occurred. Today, people are creating and given access to more data than ever from just about every aspect of their lives – including bank, insurance, healthcare, education, and legal data. Read more…

Can Hadoop Be Simple Again?

Sep 19, 2016 |

In the beginning, Hadoop had two pieces: HDFS and MapReduce. Developers knew how to use them to build applications, and IT teams knew what it took to operate them. Fast forward to 2016, and developers have a cornucopia of technologies and frameworks at their disposal. Read more…

Forrester Sees Steady Growth for Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL

Sep 16, 2016 |

A new report from Forrester predicts the big data market growing at nearly 13% rate over the next five years, with “non-relational” platforms like Hadoop and NoSQL segments growing nearly twice as fast. Read more…

News In Brief

MapR Embraces Microservices in Big Data Platform

Sep 28, 2016 |

The rise of microservices in recent years is one of the general IT trends that’s paralleled the emergence of big data technology. This week at the Strata Hadoop World conference, MapR will be talking about how it plans to embrace the development and management of microservices in its converged data platform. Read more…

Splunk Doubles Down on Machine Learning Analytics

Sep 28, 2016 |

The application of machine learning to predictive analytics continues apace as a way to improve IT operations, data security and business intelligence. Among those offering frequent platform upgrades is real-time “operational intelligence” Read more…

Yahoo Unleashes HBase Transaction Manager

Sep 26, 2016 |

A transaction manager for the NoSQL database HBase has been approved as an open-source incubator project, according to project sponsor Yahoo.

The HBase transaction manager dubbed “Omid” (“Hope” Read more…

Inflexible Data, Analytics Fueling Failures, Survey Finds

Sep 26, 2016 |

You would be hard pressed to find a business executive who does not believe data initiatives are critical to company growth. Still, a large number of companies say their initial data initiatives have failed due to issues like “data inflexibility.” Read more…

AWS Redshift Feels the Heat

Sep 22, 2016 |

Amazon Web Service’s Redshift data warehouse service is taking a beating this week, with database analytics competitors Oracle Corp. and Cloudera claiming their platforms run much faster for less money. Read more…

This Just In

New Features Introduced for Confluent Enterprise

Sep 28, 2016 |

Sept. 28 — Confluent, provider of the first streaming platform based on Apache Kafka, today announced new features for Confluent Enterprise, making it the most complete platform to build enterprise-scale streaming pipelines using Apache Kafka and simplify the development of stream processing applications. Read more…

Cask Partners With Tableau to Deliver Rapid Insights From Big Data

Sep 28, 2016 |

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 28 — Cask, the company that makes building and running big data solutions easy, today announced it is partnering with Tableau, a global leader in visual analytics. Read more…

Continuum Analytics and IBM Partner to Advance Open Source Analytics for the Enterprise

Sep 28, 2016 |

AUSTIN, Tex., Sept. 28 — Continuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python, today announced an alliance with IBM to advance open source analytics for the enterprise. Read more…

Hortonworks to Showcase Latest Offerings at Strata + Hadoop World

Sep 28, 2016 |

Sept. 28 — Hortonworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, will showcase its latest technology solutions for streaming analytics, security, governance, and Apache Spark at scale at Strata + Hadoop World. Read more…

BlueData Announces Fall Release for Enterprise Edition of EPIC Software

Sep 27, 2016 |

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 27 — BlueData, provider of the leading Big-Data-as-a-Service software platform, today announced the new fall release for the enterprise edition of its BlueData EPIC software. Read more…