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Scalability Answers Found in the NoSQL Family Tree

Oct 30, 2017 |

When it comes to big genealogical databases, they don’t come any bigger than the one at FamilySearch. So when the arm of the Church of Latter-day Saints started to reach the limits of its Oracle data store, it branched out into the distributed NoSQL world instead. Read more…

Data Science Ed: 5 Tips for Undergrads

Oct 16, 2017 |

Demand for data scientists continues to rise as organizations seek new ways to monetize their data. Those who want to be considered for top data science jobs need a solid education behind them, including postgraduate degrees in many cases. Read more…

Deep Learning Reveals New Insights About People

Sep 21, 2017 |

Can a computer detect an author’s personality type, based only on a sample of his or her writing? Four researchers from Singapore and Mexico City sought to answer that question. Read more…

IBM Pairs Data Science Experience with Quantum Computer

Sep 5, 2017 |

IBM Research is pairing its Jupyter-based Data Science Experience notebook environment with its cloud-based quantum computer, IBM Q, in hopes of encouraging a new class of entrepreneurial user to solve intractable problems that even exceed the capabilities of the best AI systems. Read more…

Continuing Your Data Science Education

Aug 31, 2017 |

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question kids around the world are asked a million times a day. Until a few years ago, the odds are good that none of them answered “I want to be a data scientist.” Read more…

News In Brief

Algorithmia Aims AI Layer at ‘Last Mile’ Problem

Nov 16, 2017 |

It has been asserted that the algorithm has overtaken traditional software code as the driving force behind the AI Era. On the assumption that assertion is accurate, startups are beginning to offer tools for building what one refers to as “algorithm portfolios” Read more…

Inference Emerges As Next AI Challenge

Nov 2, 2017 |

As developers flock to artificial intelligence frameworks in response to the explosion of intelligence machines, training deep learning models has emerged as a priority along with synching them to a growing list of neural and other network designs. Read more…

What SQL’s Co-Creator Sees in NoSQL

Nov 1, 2017 |

As the co-creator of Structured Query Language (SQL), Don Chamberlin knows a thing or two about pulling data out of relational databases. So when he spoke at the user conference for NoSQL database vendor Couchbase last week, it raised a few eyebrows. Read more…

NSF Doubles Down on Data Science

Oct 30, 2017 |

The National Science Foundation has awarded two grants to the University of California at Berkeley, the first to deepen the theoretical foundations of data science, the second addressing the big data skills gap. Read more…

‘Database Learning’ Aims to Speed Queries

Aug 31, 2017 |

University researchers have developed a lightweight software tool that enables existing databases to learn from user queries, pinpointing requested data without starting from scratch on every query.

A University of Michigan team said theirs’ Read more…

This Just In

NYC Data Science Academy Introduces Courses for Machine Learning in Finance

Nov 7, 2017 |

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2017 — NYC Data Science Academy, one of the leading data science bootcamps in the country, has announced new courses for Machine Learning in Finance, specifically tailored for traders, risk managers, portfolio managers, investors, and those looking to build data science skills to work in the finance industry. Read more…

NVIDIA Announces New AI Partners, Courses, Initiatives to Deliver Deep Learning Training Worldwide

Nov 1, 2017 |

Nov. 1, 2017 — NVIDIA today announced a broad expansion of its Deep Learning Institute (DLI), which is training tens of thousands of students, developers and data scientists with critical skills needed to apply artificial intelligence. Read more…

NSF Awards TACC and University of Louisville $600,000 Grant for Data Science Education

Oct 12, 2017 |

Oct. 12, 2017 — Colleges and universities across the US are creating data science programs to train future professionals to manage the massive amounts of digital data created by a range of sources – from web traffic to digital cameras. Read more…

NYC Data Science Academy Introduces Courses in Deep Learning

Oct 2, 2017 |

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2017 — NYC Data Science Academy, considered one of the leading data science bootcamp and continuing education institutions, has announced a new course in Deep Learning, taught by renowned data scientist, John Krohn. Read more…

NSF Gives Grants to Three Universities to Create Online Data Collaboration Platform

Sep 29, 2017 |

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Sept. 29, 2017 — The National Science Foundation has awarded the collective universities of Utah, Chicago and Michigan a $4 million, four-year grant to produce SLATE, a new online platform for stitching together large amount of data from multiple institutions that reduces friction commonly found in multi-faceted collaborations. Read more…