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What is Feature Engineering and Why Does It Need To Be Automated?

Apr 1, 2020 |

Artificial intelligence is becoming more ubiquitous and necessary these days. From preventing fraud, real-time anomaly detection to predicting customer churn, enterprise customers are finding new applications of machine learning (ML) every day. Read more…

As COVID-19 Upends Life, Internet Apps Struggle with Load

Mar 25, 2020 |

Large swaths of the world’s population have been locked down in an unprecedented attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. People have responded by working, playing, and learning from home through telecommuting and distance learning applications, which has triggered an unparalleled surge in Internet traffic in recent days. Read more…

Big Data Career Notes: March 2020 Edition

Mar 13, 2020 |

In this monthly feature, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest career developments for individuals in the big data community. Whether it’s a promotion, new company hire, or even an accolade, we’ve got the details. Read more…

Alluxio Claims 5X Query Speedup by Optimization Data for Compute

Mar 11, 2020 |

Ever since Alluxio emerged from the AMPLab, its focus as a data orchestration layer has been to grease the wheels for data initiatives by making remotely stored data appear to be stored locally. Read more…

Three Tricks to Amplify Small Data for Deep Learning

Mar 10, 2020 |

It’s no secret that deep learning lets data science practitioners reach new levels of accuracy with predictive models. However, one of the drawbacks of deep learning is it typically requires huge data sets (not to mention big clusters). Read more…

News In Brief

Cortex, a Prometheus Spinoff, Boosts Data Monitoring

Apr 2, 2020 |

An open source monitoring system released this week by Grafana Labs is compatible with and inspired by the de facto standard Prometheus machine data storage and monitoring platform for cloud-native deployments. Read more…

Dremio Preps for Growth with $70M in the Bank

Mar 26, 2020 |

In the midst of an unprecedented viral pandemic and the threat of a major economic recession, data middleman Dremio provided the rare bit of good news when it announced today that it raised $70 million in venture capital to fund its ongoing growth. Read more…

Aerospike Adopts Cloud Native Standards with Cloud Offering

Mar 24, 2020 |

Organizations that want the benefit of a high-performance NoSQL database but don’t want to spend a lot of time managing it may want to check out the new Aerospike Cloud, which features a Kubernetes operator and other cloud components from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Read more…

Telecom Enlists Data Warehouses for 5G

Mar 20, 2020 |

As hyper-scalers brace for the next waves of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and wider 5G network pipes, data warehouse vendors are partnering with the telecommunications industry looking to upgrade their data analytics and machine learning capabilities. Read more…

Kubernetes Gets an Automated ML Workflow

Mar 3, 2020 |

A stable version of an automation tool released this week aims to make life easier machine learning developers training and scaling models, then deploying ML workloads atop Kubernetes clusters.

Roughly two years after its open source release, Kubeflow 1.0 leverages the de facto standard cluster orchestrator to aid data scientists and ML developers in tapping cloud resources to run those workloads in production. Read more…

This Just In

TIBCO Identified as a Leader in the 2020 Digital Business Platforms Report by Aragon Research

Apr 3, 2020 |

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 3, 2020 — TIBCO Software Inc. announced it has been named a Leader in the Aragon Research Globe Digital Business Platforms 2020* report for the second time in a row, including attaining the highest rated strategy score for integration vendors.

Read more…

Igneous Offers Data Management to Organizations Affected by COVID-19

Apr 3, 2020 |

SEATTLE, Wash., April 3, 2020 – Igneous, the SaaS data management company for file-intensive environments, announced that they are providing Network-Attached Storage (NAS) data visibility free of charge via DataDiscover immediately through September 2020 to any organization. Read more…

Collibra Closes $112.5M Funding Round

Apr 2, 2020 |

NEW YORK and BRUSSELS, April 2, 2020 — Collibra announced $112.5 million in funding at a post-money valuation of $2.3 billion, bringing the company’s total venture funding to $345.5 million. Read more…

GigaSpaces Announces Free Go-Live Package to Help Enterprises During the COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 2, 2020 |

NEW YORK, April 2, 2020 — GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge platform, announced that it is offering a free Go-Live professional services package to help customers improve their systems speed, scale, and availability, and drastically reduce TCO as data workloads continue to increase and exhibit volatile peaks during the current COVID-19 crisis. Read more…

Treehouse Software to Offer Mainframe-to-Google Cloud Data Replication Solutions

Apr 2, 2020 |

PITTSBURGHApril 2, 2020 — Treehouse Software, Inc. is pleased to announce an agreement with Google Cloud as a technology partner in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Read more…

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