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Top Four Features in Confluent Platform 5.4

Jan 22, 2020 |

Apache Kafka sits at the heart of the Confluent Platform, but the platform is much more than just Kafka. And with today’s launch of Confluent Platform version 5.4. the system gets more features demanded by enterprises, including improved clustering, queryable audit logs, and role-based access control, as well as a preview of ksqlDB. Read more…

Rob Bearden Returns to Lead Cloudera’s Second Act

Jan 21, 2020 |

When Cloudera ran into trouble last June following poor financial results, the board jettisoned senior leadership, including CEO Tom Reilly and Mike Olson, its chief strategy officer. Those moves would open up a path for Hortonworks co-founder Rob Bearden to return to the company that he had a hand in shaping. Read more…

2020: The Year of the AI-Powered User Experience

Jan 16, 2020 |

Millions of companies around the world will compete this year to win more than $49 trillion in consumer spending. Having products and services that consumers desire certainly helps. But increasingly, the winning companies will be those who can deliver a superior user experience, and that means big data. Read more…

Apache Flink Powers Cloudera’s New Streaming Analytics Product

Jan 15, 2020 |

Cloudera today launched Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA), a new subset of the Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) platform that is based on the Apache Flink stream processing engine. The new software runs on existing Hadoop clusters and will be positioned to process large amounts of IoT and event data. Read more…

Cloud Looms Large for Big Data in 2020

Jan 7, 2020 |

If you’re involved with big data in 2020, then it will be hard to avoid the cloud, which has become the de-facto standard platform for storing and processing vast amounts of data. Read more…

News In Brief

Container Interface Delivers Persistent Storage

Jan 16, 2020 |

As application containers took off in the mid-2010s, persistent storage emerged as a key barrier to adoption. With containers now entering the mainstream for handling machine and deep learning applications, more vendors are focusing on storage interfaces that can link huge data volumes along with flash memory to container orchestration platforms. Read more…

AtScale Tackles Data Engineering with Virtualization Software

Jan 15, 2020 |

It’s often the prep work in analytics that kills you. Before any analysis can be run, engineers must assemble, transform, and standardize the data. In a world where data silos are proliferating in the cloud, on premise, and everywhere in between, that becomes a big challenge. Read more…

GoodData Offers Free Embedded Analytics

Jan 7, 2020 |

If you’re in the market for an embedded analytics solution, you might want to check out the new “freemium” offering unveiled by GoodData today.

GoodData is one of the leaders in embedded analytics, with over 100,000 organizations using its software and more than 1.6 million individual users around the world. Read more…

BigID Looks to Cement Position in Data Discovery

Jan 6, 2020 |

BigID today announced another $50 million round of financing, bringing its two-year funding total to an impressive $144 million. With that capital in hand and new data privacy regulations like CCPA in play, BigID is prepared to serve the growing need for companies to de-risk their data. Read more…

VMware Widens Its Kubernetes Embrace

Jan 2, 2020 |

VMware continues to move closer to Kubernetes-based containers for managing virtual machines and other cloud infrastructure, reflecting the growing consensus the cluster orchestrator represents a more agile form of virtualization. Read more…

This Just In

NTT DATA Introduces Technology Foresight 2020

Jan 24, 2020 |

TOKYO, Japan – January 24, 2020 – NTT DATA released NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2020, a compilation of future technology trends the company believes will have large impacts on future society and business. Read more…

SQream Announces the Release of its SQream DB v2020.1

Jan 23, 2020 |

TEL AVIV, IsraelJan. 23, 2020 – SQream announced today the latest release of its flagship data analytics engine, SQream DB v2020.1. SQream DB v2020.1 is the first release of 2020, with a strong focus on rapid integration into existing Hadoop and legacy data warehouse ecosystems. Read more…

BigID Introduces Discovery-in-Depth Technology for Data-Driven Organizations

Jan 23, 2020 |

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 23, 2020 — BigID, the leader in personal data privacy and protection, today announced their Discovery-In-Depth technology to provide organizations with unprecedented visibility and insight into personal and crown jewel data. Read more…

Cambridge Semantics Upgrades to its AnzoGraph DB, Announces Free Edition for Commercial Use

Jan 23, 2020 |

BOSTON, Jan. 23, 2020 — Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of modern data management and analytics software, today introduces significant enhancements to its standalone version of the award-winning AnzoGraph DB and announces the immediate availability of AnzoGraph DB Free Edition for commercial use. Read more…

RapidAPI Adds Support for GraphQL APIs to its API Marketplace

Jan 23, 2020 |

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2020 — RapidAPI, the world’s largest API Marketplace that helps developers find and connect to thousands of APIs, announced today that it has added support for GraphQL APIs to its API Marketplace, and has launched a first wave of GraphQL- based APIs including GitHubGitLabYelpAniList, Shopify, and more. Read more…

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