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How Academia Could Help Close the Technology Skills Gap

Oct 15, 2019 |

Academia is attractive for a lot of reasons, but it’s a field where it can be extremely challenging to forge a career. That helps to explain why over the last 10 years, ~60% of new physics PhDs end up taking jobs in areas of industry such as engineering, computer software and hardware, business, and non-STEM. Read more…

Dogged Determination: How Trupanion Pulled AI Across the Finish Line

Oct 14, 2019 |

David Jaw had reason to be excited. As a data scientist at Trupanion, Jaw had just put the finishing touches on the prototype of a machine learning model that could replicate the actions of a human claims adjuster with a high degree of accuracy. Read more…

SAP Seeks RPA Bot Breakthrough, But Will Workflows Cooperate?

Oct 11, 2019 |

The concept is simple enough: Use robotic process automation (RPA) bots trained with machine learning to do the digital busy work of humans, such as approving invoices. SAP already has a product that ostensibly does that, and now it’s hoping to make it even better through the application of user behavior mining and machine learning. Read more…

How ML Helps Solve the Big Data Transform/Mastering Problem

Oct 10, 2019 |

Despite the astounding technological progress in big data analytics, we largely have yet to move past manual techniques for important tasks, such as data transformation and master data management. As data volumes grow, the productivity gap posed by manual methods grows wider, putting the dreams of AI- and machine learning-powered automation further out of reach. Read more…

HANA in the Cloud by Christmas, SAP Says

Oct 9, 2019 |

SAP formally revealed the planned general availability of hotly anticipated new cloud data storage products during CTO Juergen Mueller’s keynote address at TechEd conference in Barcelona Monday. Two of those new offerings — Read more…

News In Brief

Synthetic Data Market Gets Real

Oct 14, 2019 |

A growing list of data privacy regulations along with demand for better training data is spawning new AI-based approaches to managing “personally identifiable” information, including “synthetic” data sets that remove personal information covered by current and pending privacy rules. Read more…

Price Tag for CCPA Compliance: $55B

Oct 8, 2019 |

Data privacy doesn’t come cheap.

According to a regulatory assessment released by the state attorney general, the California Consumer Privacy Act will hit businesses with upwards of $55 billion in initial compliance costs. Read more…

Neo4j Gets Hooks Into Kafka

Oct 1, 2019 |

Today at the Kafka Summit, Neo4j unveiled a new product called Neo4j Streams that will make it easier to connect streaming data from Apache Kafka with the company’s graph database. Read more…

What to Expect at Strata This Week

Sep 23, 2019 |

We knew that big data was also fast. But what we didn’t fully grasp perhaps was just how fast the technology changes. This week’s Strata Data Conference is setting up to be a prime example of the punctuated equilibrium we’re currently experiencing. Read more…

Data Startup Aims to Make S3 ‘Work Like Dropbox’

Sep 19, 2019 |

Quilt Data emerged from stealth today with a new service that aims to make S3 work more like Dropbox, the handy file sharing service. For about $500 per month, Quilt Data allows teams to securely large share files that are too big to distribute via FTP or Web archives, and simultaneously get visibility into the contents of the file through its preview feature. Read more…

This Just In

Japanese Researcher Wins Award for Applying Data Mining Tech to Analyze Big Data in Business Marketing

Oct 14, 2019 |

OSAKA, JapanOct. 14, 2019  — Kansai University’s Katsutoshi Yada has been awarded the 2019 Prize for Science and Technology (Promotion Category) in the Commendation for Science and Technology by Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for applying and promoting data mining technology to analyze big-data in business marketing. Read more…

Demystdata to Deliver Real-Time Access to Thousands of Premium Datasets on Snowflake Data Exchange

Sep 25, 2019 |

SAN MATEO, Calif., September 24, 2019 – Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced DemystData has been selected to help empower users on the Snowflake Data Exchange. Read more…

SWIM.AI Introduces DataFabric Software

Sep 18, 2019 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 18, 2019 – SWIM.AI today announced general availability of a new enterprise software product, Swim DataFabric. DataFabric software lets businesses interconnect all data-generating assets and provides real-time data classification, reduction, analysis and prediction.  Read more…

Purdue University, Indiana University Scientists Work Together to Find Data-Driven Solutions

Sep 18, 2019 |

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind., September 18, 2019 —  A new cancer is diagnosed every 30 seconds in the United States. Every three minutes, two people in the U.S. die from cancer. Read more…

Dataiku’s Documentary on Data Science Pioneers Hits The Big Screen

Sep 18, 2019 |

NEW YORK, September 18, 2019 — Today Dataiku, one of the world’s leading Enterprise AI and machine learning platforms, unveiled an hour-long documentary on the rapidly evolving and increasingly prominent role of data scientists, the people building the AI revolution. 

Read more…

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