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September 28, 2017

Cloudera Announces Enterprise IoT Use Cases

NEW YORKSept. 28, 2017 — With billions of sensors, smart machines and connected devices generating data every second, the Internet of Things (IoT) is placing unprecedented demands on organizations’ data storage, processing and analytic capabilities. Cloudera (NYSE: CLDR), the modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, announced that more enterprises across an array of sectors are turning to Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub to power their IoT journey, generate actionable insights and as a result, disrupt their own industries.

Cloudera is enabling real-time data insights and predictive analytics to help companies use IoT to drive operational efficiencies, introduce new products and services, improve the customer experience and create wholly new business models. Customers today are increasingly utilizing components such as Apache Kudu and Apache Spark to drive real-time processing, machine learning, and analytics on all of their IoT data, including data in motion and data at rest.

“Organizations who use machine learning and analytics to deliver new insights from the explosion of IoT data, have enormous power to disrupt entire industries,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer at Cloudera. “Our customers are using insights from real-time IoT data to make positive change in the world in many ways such as building smarter, more energy efficient cities, feeding the world’s growing population using less water, saving human lives from deadly infections, reducing maintenance downtime of expensive machinery, and developing self-driving autonomous vehicles.”

Customers Drive IoT Innovation and Industry Transformation with Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub
Today, Cloudera is powering a diverse set of innovative IoT use cases across industries around the world. Some key use cases include:

  • Predictive Maintenance – Enterprises in asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, automotive, oil & gas, shipping, and utilities are using Cloudera as the data management and advanced analytics platform to drive IoT-enabled predictive maintenance and predict equipment failures. Cargotec, the leading cargo and load handling solutions provider, is using IoT data to develop a digitally connected ecosystem of cargo handling equipment in order to improve operational efficiencies and drive predictive maintenance.
  • Industrial IoT – Some of the leading industrial organizations, including the global heavy equipment manufacturer, Komatsu, are using IoT data to continuously monitor some of the largest mining equipment and assets to ultimately improve mine performance and efficiencies, even in some of the world’s most remote regions and harshest conditions.
  • Connected Vehicles – A number of automotive manufacturers, including Navistar, manufacturer of commercial and industrial vehicles and trucks, is using Cloudera to offer their new service of processing and analyzing IoT data to monitor 325,000 trucks in real time to minimize downtime and enable predictive maintenance.
  • Telematics & Usage Based Insurance – Cloudera is effectively powering usage-based insurance services for a number of leading insurers globally.Octo Telematics, the leader in telematics and data analytics for the auto insurance industry is using Cloudera to harness the power of IoT by analyzing 11 billion data points from five million connected cars every day to personalize insurance rates, detect crashes, improve the claims process and enhance customer relationships.
  • Energy and Utilities – Cloudera is powering IoT and predictive analytics use cases for some of the global leaders in the energy and utilities space across their business value chain — from drilling and exploration to production, generation, distribution and monitoring. For instance, one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators, based in Europe, is using Cloudera to process and analyze streaming data from millions of smart meters and connected homes supporting differing energy distribution needs for multiple countries.
  • Smart Cities & Connected Infrastructure – Some of the leading public service entities, government agencies, and state departments are using Cloudera and the power of IoT to raise the efficiency of public services, improve safety and security and improve the citizen experience. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), for example, is using streaming data from connected salt trucks and snowplows in order to drive efficiencies into the snow removal process and winter weather management operations. They are able to aggregate 8.6 million records every 24 hours and process more than a million records per second to keep roads clear and drivers safe.
  • Healthcare IoT – A global leader in healthcare technology, Cerner, has developed an electronic alert system to monitor patient symptoms in key areas. Data is sent to a central hub in the cloud where evidence-based algorithms alert physicians to patients who may be at risk.
  • Retail IoT – In-store shopping behavior and analytics company, Shoppermotion, is using IoT data in real time to transform the in-store customer experience.
  • Agriculture & Farming – Agricultural IT provider,, is using IoT data to unveil new insights that impact small farm production levels and increase environmental sustainability.

Growing Customer Momentum
The use of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub for IoT has been transformative across industries by innovative customers, such as CargotecCernerDocBoxKentucky Transportation CabinetKomatsumesur.ioNavistarOcto TelematicsSikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company; and Shoppermotion.

Industry Recognition for IoT Innovation
Cloudera was recently recognized with an Ovum IoT Futures Award for Cerner’s IoT innovation and TDWI 2017 Best Practices Award for Navistar’s IoT business transformation.

About Cloudera
At Cloudera, we believe that data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. We empower people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. We are a modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud. The world’s largest enterprises trust Cloudera to help solve their most challenging business problems. Learn more at

Source: Cloudera

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