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Datanami’s Look Back on Key Topics: 2011-2021

2017 – AI, Deep Learning, and GPUs

Around the year 2017, something funny happened: People no longer talked as much about big data. Indeed, Gartner had already dropped “big data” off its hype curve. The idea of collecting loads of data on everything we do had become pervasive, so much so that Deloitte told us that data had become “like air.”

Absent a centralizing idea or rallying cry, the community formerly known as big data eventually settled on something else: Read more…

Welcome to a Decade of Datanami
From the rise of Apache Spark to the rapid expansion of the cloud, Datanami has been there, covering the headlines in data science, AI, and advanced analytics. 2021 marks our 10th anniversary, and we’ll be highlighting the most important themes from the past decade, one theme per month for the next ten months. Thank you for joining us as we take a look back.