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How Machine Learning Can Help Us Stop Climate Change

Jul 1, 2019 |

Successfully analyzing and addressing climate change involves wrangling an entire world of data. Now, a new paper — “Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning” — from more than 20 machine learning experts across 16 organizations is shining a spotlight on the many critical roles that machine learning can play in fighting back against the climate crisis. Read more…

Is Data Science the Fourth Pillar of the Scientific Method?

Apr 15, 2019 |

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revived a decade-old debate last month when he said that modern data science (AI plus HPC) has become the fourth pillar of the scientific method. While some disagree with the notion that statistical analysis alone can reveal undiscovered laws, the argument may be moot if data science continues its current course being an extremely useful and in-demand tool for all manners of scientific discovery. Read more…

Inside Hitachi Vantara’s Very Ambitious Data Agenda

Oct 1, 2018 |

FPGAs and object storage systems. NVMe storage and ML model management. IoT edge computing and converged server infrastructure. It would be a big understatement to say that Hitachi Vantara has a lot going on, but it also might be why the company is so interesting to watch, and why you might want to keep an eye on it, too. Read more…

Sparse Fourier Transform Gives Stream Processing a Lifeline from the Coming Data Deluge

Jun 13, 2017 |

When James Cooley and John Tukey introduced the Fast Fourier transform in 1965, it revolutionized signal processing and set us on course to an array of technological breakthroughs. But today’s overwhelming data sets require a new approach. Read more…

Medicine’s Data Transformation, From Genomics to Reforms

May 1, 2017 |

The interaction of big data and healthcare is transforming medicine, but clinicians and regulators continue to struggle to achieve the ultimate goal of making data serve patients through “evidence-based care.” Read more…

News In Brief

Synthetic Data Market Gets Real

Oct 14, 2019 |

A growing list of data privacy regulations along with demand for better training data is spawning new AI-based approaches to managing “personally identifiable” information, including “synthetic” data sets that remove personal information covered by current and pending privacy rules. Read more…

R Backers Tout Funding Milestone, Seek Comeback

Aug 28, 2019 |

Reports of the demise of R as a programming language are exaggerated, according to community leaders, who note the R Foundation has so far approved the distribution of grants and sponsorships totaling $1 million. Read more…

New Tool Focuses on Links Within Networks

Jul 23, 2019 |

Community detection algorithms used to evaluate how groups are clustered or partitioned are being used to determined how similar groups tend to either bind closer together or break apart. That capability is critical for data analysts trying to understand the structure of complex networks. Read more…

Program Synthesis Moves a Step Closer to Reality

Jul 8, 2019 |

As data scientists and software developers sort through the plethora of tools and APIs ranging from Python to Apache Spark, automation schemes are emerging to help programmers navigate those tools and the accompanying infrastructure that machine learning and other apps run on. Read more…

Utah Rolls Data Network for Smart Highways

Jun 26, 2019 |

If you are sitting in traffic, the road ahead (and all those brake lights) look pretty dumb. Among the potential solutions for smartening up the roadways and boosting the capacity of the nation’s clogged highways is a partnership between Utah’s Department of Transportation and Panasonic Corp. Read more…

This Just In

The Delta Lake Project Turns to Linux Foundation to Become the Open Standard for Data Lakes

Oct 16, 2019 |

AMSTERDAM and SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 16, 2019 — The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced that it will host Delta Lake, a project focusing on improving the reliability, quality and performance of data lakes. Read more…

Percona Survey: Diverse Tools, Multiple Databases, and MultiCloud and Hybrid Environments are Transforming Datacenters

Oct 16, 2019 |

DURHAM, Oct. 16, 2019 – Percona, a leader in open source database software and services, today announced the results of its Open Source Software Database Survey. Read more…

Study: WANdisco’s LiveMigrator/LiveAnalytics Solution Outperforms its Competitors

Oct 16, 2019 |

SAN RAMON, Calif., Oct. 16, 2019 — WANdisco, the LiveData company, announced today that an independent benchmarking study by CleverMoe CEO and expert analyst Frank Cohen found WANdisco’s LiveMigrator/LiveAnalytics cloud and analytics migration technology to have significantly outperformed Cloudera BDR in moving data to the cloud. Read more…

Alteryx Releases its Data and Digitization Report at Inspire Europe 2019

Oct 16, 2019 |

IRVINE, Calif. and LONDON, Oct. 16, 2019 — Alteryx, Inc., revolutionizing business through data science and analytics, today released the 2019 Data and Digitization Report, providing an in-depth view of how companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) are leveraging data analytics in their digital transformation journeys. Read more…

Survey: Most Analytics Projects are Jeopardized due to Lack of Access to Data

Oct 15, 2019 |

Atlanta, Oct. 15 2019 – According to the 2019 Data Decisions Survey from analytics database provider Exasol, 57% of organizations have suffered because of slow or poor access to the right data, resulting in an inability to access real-time analytics and inaccurate business intelligence (BI). Read more…

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