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Johns Hopkins Launches COVID-19 Mortality Calculator, Aims to Inform Vaccine Prioritization

Dec 18, 2020 |

The first COVID-19 vaccine doses are going out in the United States, predominantly to frontline healthcare workers. Unfortunately, the vaccines are currently extremely limited, meaning that state governments are having to make difficult decisions about the order of vaccination priority. Read more…

Observable Seeks Democratization of Data Visualization

Dec 16, 2020 |

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then how much is a rich, interactive data visualization worth? If you’re Observable, the San Francisco startup founded by the creator of D3.js and a VP of engineering at Google, then the number starts at 10.5 million. Read more…

COVID-19 Roundup: Dashboards, Therapeutics, Data Lakes & More

Apr 9, 2020 |

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, big data and AI have emerged as crucial tools for everything from diagnosis and epidemiology to therapeutic and vaccine development. Here, we collect the latest news in how big data is fighting back against COVID-19. Read more…

Voice: The New Interface for Analytics

Jan 16, 2018 |

We’ve grown accustomed to interacting with computers through a visual interface. But thanks to big gains in the accuracy of speech recognition, that’s changing, and among the applications being targeted for voice-enablement are business intelligence and analytics. Read more…

Big Data Analytics Flashes a ‘Red Alert’ on Human Trafficking in India

Aug 24, 2017 |

The statistics are terrifying: Every three minutes, a young Indian girl is abducted into sex slavery — often with the consent of her parents, as horrible as that sounds. Now, with the help of Australian analytics firm Quantium, a project called Operation Red Alert is using big data analytics to fight traffickers and inform Indian villagers of the scourge threatening their girls. Read more…

News In Brief

AWS Launches Managed Services for Grafana, Prometheus

Dec 15, 2020 |

Grafana Labs, developer of a popular open source tool for visualizing logs and metrics, joins a growing list of Amazon Web Services partners, allowing AWS customer to run Grafana’s dashboards natively as a managed service. Read more…

AI-Based Drone Floated to Enforce Social Distancing

Dec 3, 2020 |

If desperate times call for desperate measures, then an AI-powered surveillance drone may find applications as pandemic fatigue erodes compliance with social distancing advisories in congested urban areas.

At least that’s the pitch from AI and analytics vendor Fractal Analytics, which has partnered with Indian drone technology manufacturer ideaForge to develop a flying video analytics platform. Read more…

Google Enables Machine Learning for Gunshot Recognition in the Rainforest

Nov 24, 2020 |

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that poaching is the root of a $20 billion-a-year industry. This thriving, illegal practice is largely possible because enforcement of poaching laws is so difficult: Read more…

Data Visualization Delivers a Full Moon

Oct 27, 2020 |

Data visualization and the organization of information in multiple formats from pixels to text has been used to develop a compelling website that presents in extraordinary detail the first human exploration of our moon. Read more…

Study Shows How Workflow Visualization Can Enable Big Data Transformation

Sep 30, 2020 |

Big data tools show enormous promise to modify operations in businesses and organizations, boosting efficiency and profits. But as study after study shows, those benefits can be difficult to realize without the proper implementation, expertise, and resources. Read more…

This Just In

Théa Chooses OmniSci to Capture, Analyze and Visualize Automotive Data at Scale

Jan 14, 2021 |

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14, 2021 — Théa, a company that delivers connected vehicles infrastructure and telematics-based commerce solutions to OEMs, banks, dealerships and other organizations in emerging markets, has partnered with OmniSci to capture, analyze and visualize automotive data at scale to drive innovation. Read more…

John Snow Labs Announces the Release of Spark NLP 2.7 with Hundreds of New Models, Capabilities

Jan 13, 2021 |

Jan. 13, 2021 — John Snow Labs, a Healthcare AI and NLP company and developer of the Spark NLP library, today announced that it has released Spark NLP 2.7, providing major enhancements to the open-source AI community. Read more…

ORNL’s PlanetSense Real-time Mapping Platform Uses Volunteered Data to Track Disasters

Jan 7, 2021 |

Jan. 7, 2021 — As Hurricane Dorian raged through the Bahamas, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) worked around the clock to aid recovery efforts for one of the Caribbean’s worst storms ever. Read more…

Starburst Secures $100M Series C Financing Led by Andreessen Horowitz

Jan 6, 2021 |

BOSTON, Jan. 6, 2021 — Starburst, a Presto company, today announced $100 million in Series C funding, bringing the three-year-old company’s total financing to $164 million and valuation to $1.2 billion. Read more…

IARPA Launches Space-based Machine Automated Recognition Technique Program

Jan 6, 2021 |

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 6, 2021 — The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, announced today a multi-year research effort called the Space-based Machine Automated Recognition Technique (SMART) program. Read more…

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