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Datanami is a news portal dedicated to providing insight, analysis and up-to-the-minute information about emerging trends and solutions in big data. The portal sheds light on all cutting edge technologies including networking, storage and applications, and their effect upon business, industry, government, and research. The publication examines the avalanche of unprecedented amounts of data and the impact the high-end data explosion is having across the IT, enterprise, and commercial markets. Subscribe now at:

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About Tabor Communications, Inc.

Tabor Communications, Inc. is publisher of a complete advanced computing news and information portfolio that includes HPCwire, Datanami, and EnterpriseAI. As the company’s flagship online publication, HPCwire is recognized as the global leader in chronicling the High Performance Computing (HPC) industry, news, trends and technologies.Datanami sheds light on cutting edge, big data IT, and its profound impact upon business, industry, government, and research. EnterpriseAI joins the Tabor portfolio of publications examining the evolving advanced scale computing paradigm for HPC, Big Data and analytics, and AI. To learn more, visit:

The Datanami Team


Tiffany Trader, Editorial Director

With over a decade’s experience covering the HPC space, Tiffany is one of the preeminent voices reporting on advanced scale computing today. Since joining the HPCwire team in 2006, Tiffany has played an essential role in steering editorial strategy, engaging with key audiences, and delivering groundbreaking content when readers need it most. As Managing Editor for HPCwire, Tiffany brings an unmatched wealth of expertise, insights, and editorial prowess based on years of experience covering high performance, cloud, AI, and other advanced computing technologies. Tiffany earned her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University, where she studied linguistics and computer science.

Alex Woodie

Alex Woodie, Managing Editor

Alex Woodie has written about IT as a technology journalist for more than a decade. He brings extensive experience from the IBM midrange marketplace, including topics such as servers, ERP applications, programming, databases, security, high availability, storage, business intelligence, cloud, and mobile enablement. He resides in the San Diego area.

John Russell, Contributing Editor

A previous winner of the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award (which has been called “the Pulitzer Prize of the business media,”), John Russell has broad science and business journalism expertise with extensive knowledge of the biopharmaceutical and advanced IT industries. A seasoned veteran of technology journalism, Russell was formerly a founding executive editor for Bio-IT World, which focused on the intersection of advanced computing technology and life sciences, where he wrote and edited articles and ran the daily editorial operations.

Douglas Eadline, Contributing Editor

Douglas Eadline, PhD, began his career as Analytical Chemist with an interest in high performance computer methods. Starting with the first Beowulf “How-To” document, Doug has written hundreds of articles, white papers, and instructional documents covering many aspects of Linux HPC, Hadoop, and Data Analytics computing. Prior to launching and editing the popular website in 2005, he served as editor-in-chief for ClusterWorld Magazine and was senior HPC Editor for Linux Magazine. Doug is author of several books and instructional videos covering the practical aspects of HPC and scalable tools for data science.

Kevin Jackson, Contributing Editor

Kevin Jackson is a writer and editor with a deep history covering complex scientific topics. Once the Editor in Chief of Science Node — an academic publication focused on HPC — Kevin has spent the past few years freelancing for a variety of national laboratories and private clients. He has a deep passion for the ethical and democratic distribution of AI resources and believes the technology has enormous potential for revolutionizing the way we live and work. He lives in Southern Michigan and directly attributes the brutal Midwest winters as an inspiration for his love of computers, technology, science, and all things nerdy.

Ali Azhar, Contributing Editor

Ali Azhar is an accomplished writer with over seven years of experience in journalism, editing, content strategy, and copywriting. With a passion for technology, a background in engineering, and a wealth of experience gained at a Fortune 500 company, Ali provides a unique perspective in his writing. He specializes in covering the dynamic fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, LLMs, GenAI, enterprise AI, computer hardware, and software solutions. Ali holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.

Drew Jolly

Drew Jolly, Assistant Editor

Drew Jolly has been in charge of breaking news at TCI Media for the last two years. They are especially interested in the topics of scientific computing and research, industrial AI automation, generative AI/LLMs, HPC simulation, and geospatial data analysis. Drew previously worked in Florida politics and studied history at Florida State University.


Steve Conway, Senior Analyst, Intersect360 Research

Steve Conway has tracked the global HPC market for more than 30 years, with prior stops at Cray Research, SGI, Hyperion Research (senior vice president of research) and IDC. He has authored or co-authored major HPC studies and thought papers for government agencies, universities and enterprises throughout the world, including seminal reports for the European Commission, governments and vendors in the Asia-Pacific region, an NSF-sponsored global study on best practices in partnerships between HPC centers and industrial firms (including SMBs), an AI primer for senior U.S. military leaders and a report for the U.S. Congress on edge-to-exascale computing.


TomTabor_bluewatersTom Tabor, CEO

Tom Tabor has over 34 years experience in business-to-business publishing, including 24 years focused on High Performance Computing (HPC), cloud computing and more recently, advanced digital manufacturing technologies.

As an internationally recognized pioneer in the electronic publishing industry, Tom is credited with introducing the first online publication in the early nineties, HPCwire. Over the years, he has served as publisher for the award-winning Supercompting Review magazine, WEBster, HPCwire, On-Demand Enterprise, GRIDtoday, High Performance Computing – Contributions to Society, and The Emergence of Grid and Service-Oriented IT, as well as producing the GT04 tradeshow and conference, and a series of Grid VIP Summits worldwide.

Tom also serves as CEO and founder of Tabor Communications Inc., a leading international media, advertising, and communications company that provides news, information and solutions to the HPC, data-intensive, green, cloud, and digital manufacturing communities.

For more information visit

Sales & Client Services:

JeffHyman2_148x148Jeff Hyman, Senior Vice President & Group Publisher

Jeff manages worldwide sales for HPCwire, Datanami and EnterpriseAI. Prior to TCI Media, Jeff was Vice President of Sales for IDG’s Bio-IT World magazine with a defined focus on HPC used specifically for the life science vertical to accelerate the pace of drug discovery. Jeff holds a BS from Babson College and an MBA from Suffolk University.

Phil Holtberg, Account Director

Phil manages sales for Datanami. Prior to TCI Media Phil was account manager at Springer Nature handling client advertising programs to the scientific research community. Before that he enjoyed a two-decade career at NewBay Media where he rose from junior advertising rep to group publisher and handled a variety of roles within the low voltage commercial contractor, home theater, entertainment, K-12, and broadcast B-to-B and B-to-C markets. With over 25 years of publishing, advertising, and marketing experience, Phil uses a consultative approach to help his clients achieve their goals. He can apply keen insight and strategies to design a plan to fit your objectives. Phil is looking forward to becoming your go-to friend in the market. A native New Yorker, Phil lives in NYC with his beautiful wife Stacey. He is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast who has run marathons such as the NYC Marathon, and has also been a personal trainer in the past. Sports, concerts, cruises, and exploring new dining experiences are some of his favorite things.

Lexi Taylor, Account Director

Lexi Taylor is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning various industries. Her journey began with a degree in marketing from Hertfordshire University, where she gained a solid foundation in understanding consumer behavior and market dynamics. For the past 18 years, Lexi has honed her skills in the dynamic world of sales, mastering the art of building relationships and solving complex problems. Driven by a passion for innovation and technology, Lexi transitioned into the realm of scientific computing a decade ago, and is currently devising strategic marketing campaigns and harnessing the power of technology to drive business growth for HPCwire’s clients.

Ana Ware

Ana Ware (Vasquez), Director, Client Engagement

Ana Ware (Vasquez) is the Director of Client Engagement at TCI Media. With over 15 years of media experience she has been instrumental in helping TCI achieve its yearly business and revenue goals. Ana’s role supports sales and marketing leadership teams in strategy development, business planning, analysis and sales and marketing program implementation. Additionally, her current role as director of client services allows for her to work hand in hand with TCI’s customers in successfully executing their advertising strategies across the TCI portfolio.

Ana received an Associate’s degree from Southwestern College.

Lara KisielewskaLara Kisielewska, Chief Marketing Officer

Lara Kisielewska joined TCI Media as Chief Marketing Officer in 2021. She co-founded Linux Magazine and VoIP Magazine in 1999 and 2004 respectively, and launched Xand Marketing in 2005 to provide marketing strategies, PR, advertising, trade show support, lead generation, and event management for high-tech companies in HPC and Linux/Open Source. Most recently Lara has been working with TCI Media to produce HPC + AI Wall Street and assist with the launch of its new division, TCI Events. Lara holds a BS in graphic communication, technology, and management from NYU and despite being a beach bum at heart, has lived in Manhattan since she was 17.

Evangeline VanEvangeline Van, Senior Digital Project Manager

Evangeline Van joined TCI Media in 2015 as their Graphic Designer supporting branding and awareness campaigns, lead and demand generation programs as well as audience development initiatives. She graduated from Pacific University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Media and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She resides in Oregon, spends too much time at her boxing club, hiking with her dog, and weekends on the coast.


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Datanami, a publication of Tabor Communications, Inc., welcomes submissions of original feature articles and other editorial content from members of the big data community.

To start the process, please send the editor an inquiry with a brief abstract of your proposed submission. We will let you know promptly if your proposed article or other content is suitable for our audience and provide additional guidelines if necessary. While successful submission does not guarantee publication, we make every attempt to publish accepted editorial in a timely fashion.

Send inquiries and submissions to: [email protected].

Submission guidelines:

  • Article length: 800 to 1,500 words.
  • Articles typically focus on real-world applications (i.e., “case studies” or “customer success stories”), advancements in technology, market trends and research, or insightful commentary.
  • Relevant graphics that enhance the message of your article – e.g. screen shots, workplace photographs, etc. – are a definite plus.
  • Please, no sales pitches, vendor-specific jargon, product verbiage, or any form of advertising.
  • We welcome bylined articles from vendor executives, end-users, researchers and academics. Please include a short bio and contact information with your submission, as well as an optional author photo.

Copy accepted for publication becomes the exclusive property of Tabor Communications, Inc. Reprinting or republication must have prior approval from TCI and include notification that it was “reprinted with permission from Datanami.”

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Alex Woodie, Editor – Datanami