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What Will AI’s Biggest Contribution to Healthcare Be?

Apr 23, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence is already improving many aspects of our lives, including how we drive, how we socialize, and what we buy. It also has the potential to transform healthcare in variety of ways, but the biggest impact might surprise you. Read more…

How DHL Aims to Remake Logistics with AI

Apr 17, 2018 |

What do semi-autonomous truck platoons, chat-bots, and fraud detection cameras have in common? They’re all part of a big plan that DHL unveiled yesterday to remake itself with artificial intelligence. Read more…

What’s Fueling Deep Learning’s ‘Cambrian Explosion’?

Apr 2, 2018 |

It’s fair to say that University of Toronto computer scientists Alex Krizhevsky, Geoffrey Hinton, and Ilya Sutskever didn’t know what they were about to unleash. It was 2012, and they had just submitted details about their new machine learning model, dubbed a convolutional neural network, to the folks who run the ImageNet competition. Read more…

Nvidia Riding High as GPU Workloads and Capabilities Soar

Mar 27, 2018 |

Don’t look now, but GPUs are gobbling up big workloads as massive data-crunching AI use cases proliferate around the world. That news couldn’t be sweeter for Nvidia, which is hosting its ninth annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this week in San Jose, California. Read more…

Why Knowledge Graphs Are Foundational to Artificial Intelligence

Mar 20, 2018 |

AI is poised to drive the next wave of technological disruption across industries. Like previous technology revolutions in Web and mobile, however, there will be huge dividends for those organizations who can harness this technology for competitive advantage. Read more…

News In Brief

Cloud Analytics Engines Falling Short, Survey Finds

Apr 24, 2018 |

There’s an unmistakable shift underway toward cloud analytics, but a vendor survey found an analytic engine “performance gap” when it comes to running cloud workloads at scale.

The performance shortfall that grows exponentially for the largest enterprises stands in contrast to the industry consensus that the cloud is the ideal platform for analytics. Read more…

Next Up for AI: Running for Mayor

Apr 17, 2018 |

You’ve heard of smart cities, smart streets, and smart buildings. But how about smart politicians? Now Japan is giving us our first glimpse at what an AI mayor might look like. Read more…

DataStax Helps Deliver ‘Always-On’ Health Advice

Apr 11, 2018 |

An AI-based virtual health consultation service rolled out in the U.K. and Rwanda is built on a distributed cloud database built by DataStax on Apache Cassandra.

The new regional health service also illustrates how cloud provisioning is allowing vendors like DataStax, Santa Clara, Calif., to extend its database platform

DataStax and London-based Babylon, an online health service provider, said this week they have launched a 24/7 a real-time application service based on DataStax Enterprise. Read more…

Critics Warn GDPR Will Slow AI Deployments

Apr 10, 2018 |

Pending European data privacy rules that also address “automated decision-making” are increasingly seen as having a broad impact on enterprise deployment of AI applications, prompting a U.S.-based group to predict the rules will stymie development within the European Union. Read more…

Linux Foundation Launches Open AI Effort

Mar 29, 2018 |

The Linux Foundation launched a deep learning initiative this week designed to create a “neutral space for harmonization and acceleration” of AI, machine learning and deep learning technologies. The initial focus will be an AI standardization effort. Read more…

This Just In

FICO Showcases Latest Enhancements to FICO Decision Management Suite

Apr 18, 2018 |

April 18, 2018 — Today from FICO World, analytics software firm FICO showcased the latest enhancements to FICO Decision Management Suite (DMS) which leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), advanced analytics, optimization and decisioning to deliver better, more predictive business outcomes. Read more…

Loom Systems Launches Predictive Ticketing

Apr 18, 2018 |

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2018 — Loom Systems, a leading end-to-end AI-powered log analysis solution, today announced the launch of its Predictive Ticketing solution. Predictive Ticketing layers intelligence on top of Loom’s award-winning AIOps solution, correlating IT data with ITSM incidents, actively predicting and preventing issues across the IT stack, resulting in improved customer experience, a significant reduction in the number of tickets opened, and elimination of outages and downtime. Read more…

Advanced Scale Forum Announces Sponsorship from Dell EMC, HPE, Microsoft and Others

Apr 10, 2018 |

SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 10, 2018 — Advanced Scale Forum 2018, a power summit designed to solve challenges in the build-out of scalable advanced enterprise computing solutions, today announced this year’s sponsor lineup. Read more…

Teradata Joins NVIDIA Partner Program Focused on Accelerating Outcomes from AI, Deep Learning

Mar 29, 2018 |

SAN DIEGOMarch 29, 2018 — Teradata (NYSE: TDC), a leading cloud-based data and analytics company, has announced that its Think Big Analytics consulting group has joined the NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner program. Read more…

NVIDIA and Arm Partner to Bring Deep Learning to Billions of IoT Devices

Mar 28, 2018 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 28, 2018 — NVIDIA and Arm have announced that they are partnering to bring deep learning inferencing to the billions of mobile, consumer electronics and Internet of Things devices that will enter the global marketplace. Read more…