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Fall Strata 2015 Coverage

Big Data Really Freaks This Guy Out


The calendar said October 1, but the tone of Maciej Ceglowski’s keynote at Strata + Hadoop today was perhaps better suited for the holiday at the end of the month. Some may disagree with his apocalyptical vision of a big data world gone mad, but it’s tough to ignore.

In Ceglowski’s view, the widespread abuse of big data technology across all levels of business and government threatens to bring about a Three Mile Island moment. Read more…

Cisco, Paxata Join Forces on Data Prep


Data preparation specialist Paxata announced a partnership this week with Cisco Systems designed to advance the networking giant’s data preparation capabilities on its emerging big data platform.

The partnership in which Paxata’s technology will underpin the Cisco (CSCO) data prep offering was unveiled this week at Stata + Hadoop World. Read more…

Algorithmia Voted the Top Startup at Fall Strata 2015


A company that runs what’s been called a “dating site” for underappreciated algorithms took home the award for top startup today at the Strata + Hadoop World show in New York City. The companies Sense, Timbr, and BlueTalon also won awards in the Startup Showcase.

Algorithmia was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping to save algorithms from languishing on the academic vine. Read more…

Teradata Readies Links to Push Presto to Enterprises


Teradata Corp. said this week it would accelerate the open-source rollout of Presto, the SQL-on-Hadoop framework, by offering connectivity drivers for free.

Teradata (TDC) said Monday (Sept. 28) it would provide at no cost ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) drivers with the goal of making the Presto SQL query engine ready for primetime in the enterprise. Read more…

BlueTalon Delivers Fine-Grain Protection of HDFS Data


BlueTalon today announced that its big data security software now supports the enforcement of fine-grained authorization policies and masking of HDFS data. This will enable customers to control access to Hadoop data using the same tool they use to control access to enterprise data warehouses and relational databases, the company says. Read more…

Azure Cloud Adds Hadoop Security


As Microsoft broadens its Azure cloud with new analytics capabilities and hardware to accelerate performance, another analytics partner has announced plans to add its big data security features to Hadoop deployments running on Microsoft Azure.

Dataguise, Fremont, Calif., said Tuesday (Sept. 29) it would integrate its DgSecure data discovery and protection tool with Microsoft’s (MSFT) Azure cloud HDInsight. Read more…

Using Analytic Pipelines to Drain Data Swamps


Hadoop excels as a platform for storing vast amounts of data, but it may or may not be the best place for enterprises to run analytic queries. Now enterprises may want to consider an emerging big data architecture that focuses on using analytic pipelines to prevent Hadoop from becoming a big data swamp. Read more…

A Visual IDE for Big Data That Promotes Collaboration


Being successful at big data analytics today typically requires a collection of business, computer, and statistical skills. It’s rare to find somebody who possesses all three—that’s why data scientists are called sometimes called unicorns. Now a French company named Dataiku says it’s democratizing analytics by helping individuals who possess pieces of the skill puzzle to come together and work collaboratively. Read more…

MapR Gives Hadoop Distro More NoSQL Smarts


Hadoop and NoSQL databases share some similarities, but the platforms typically live within different levels of the big data spectrum. Now MapR Technologies is working to break those barriers down by adding a major piece of NoSQL functionality to its Hadoop distribution.

At the Strata + Hadoop World conference today, MapR Technologies announced that it’s now supporting the storage of JSON documents in MapR-DB, the enterprise NoSQL data store that ships with its Hadoop distribution. Read more…

Cloudera Unveils Kudu, a Fast New Storage Option for Hadoop


Hadoop has been evolving from its batch-oriented roots into a more real-time system for some time. That evolution gained momentum today with Cloudera’s announcement of Kudu, a new  in-memory data store for Hadoop designed to support real-time analytics on fast changing data.

Historically, Hadoop users have had to make compromises with the data store when developing real-time analytic applications. Read more…