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September 30, 2015

Algorithmia Voted the Top Startup at Fall Strata 2015

A company that runs what’s been called a “dating site” for underappreciated algorithms took home the award for top startup today at the Strata + Hadoop World show in New York City. The companies Sense, Timbr, and BlueTalon also won awards in the Startup Showcase.

Algorithmia was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping to save algorithms from languishing on the academic vine.

“Algorithms are being developed all the time, but are not getting into the hands of people and applications that could benefit from them,” the company’s co-founder and CEO Diego Oppenheimer writes on the company’s blog. “Algorithmia was born out of frustration with these problems and the current state of algorithm development and deployment.”algorithmia_logo

Instead of developers and data scientists working on algorithms in isolation, Algorithmia brings algorithm developers together “to share knowledge, test algorithms, and run them directly in their applications.”

The Seattle, Washington-based company exposes all of its algorithms—including facial, text, and speech recognition; sentiment analyses; recommendation systems; time-series forecasting; and natural language processing–via a REST-based API. The applications can also run on the cloud.

Sense took home second place in the Startup Showcase.  The San Francisco, sense_logoCalifornia company develops a collaboration platform that allows data scientists to explore and develop big data analytic applications using the latest tools, like R, Python, Spark, Presto, Hive, Impala, and Julia.

In addition to helping with development, Sense helps manage the projects and run analytic pipelines created with its tooling. A subscription costs $250 per month per contributor. took home third place for its “full stack machine intelligence” timbr_logoplatform for “enabling algorithmic orchestrations with streaming sensor and social data.” The Charlottesville, Virginia company was founded by CEO Sean Gorman, who previously founded a data analytics company that was subsequently bought by ESRI.

The audience favorite award went to BlueTalon, a security software company that’s hoping to deliver data-centric security to big data platforms like bluetalonHadoop. On Tuesday the company announced that its authorization control software now supports HDFS, enabling customers to implement fine-grained access control on systems that use data touching popular RDBMs and data warehouses.

Other finalists for Strata + Hadoop World Startup Showcase included Arcadia Data, DataVisor,, Immuta, PHEMI; Podium Data, Popily, and Tuva Labs.

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