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How 5G Will Serve AI and Vice Versa

Dec 10, 2019 |

5G is the future of the edge. Though it’s still several years away from widespread deployment, 5G is a key component in the evolution of cloud-computing ecosystems toward more distributed environments. Read more…

Inside OmniSci’s Plans for Data Analytics Convergence

Oct 23, 2019 |

You may know OmniSci as the provider of a fast SQL-based database that runs on GPUs. But the company formerly known as MapD is moving beyond its GPU roots and is building a data platform that runs on CPUs and does machine learning too–a vision that it shared at its inaugural Converge conference in Silicon Valley this week. Read more…

HPE Pins AI Hopes on Services

Jun 21, 2019 |

HPE, like all the system vendors, has big plans to sell massive amounts of compute capability to companies to run machine learning and deep learning workloads that help transform their businesses. Read more…

PayPal Feeds the DL Beast with Huge Vault of Fraud Data

Jun 3, 2019 |

PayPal is no stranger to fraud. As one of the Internet’s first online payment services, PayPal has been exposed to every type of wire fraud imaginable (and some beyond imagination). Read more…

Is Data Science the Fourth Pillar of the Scientific Method?

Apr 15, 2019 |

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revived a decade-old debate last month when he said that modern data science (AI plus HPC) has become the fourth pillar of the scientific method. While some disagree with the notion that statistical analysis alone can reveal undiscovered laws, the argument may be moot if data science continues its current course being an extremely useful and in-demand tool for all manners of scientific discovery. Read more…

News In Brief

Booz Allen Gives Government a Deep Learning Edge

Mar 28, 2019 |

The latest breakthroughs in deep learning technology have emanated from places like Silicon Valley and Toronto, where Turing Award-winner Geoffrey Hinton did his seminal work. But deep learning applications today are finding their way to Washington D.C., often through the assistance of government contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH). Read more…

RAPIDS Momentum Builds with Analytics, Cloud Backing

Mar 19, 2019 |

Nvidia’s RAPIDS data science libraries picked up additional support this week from a roster of cloud, server and workstation vendors along with professional services giant Accenture.

Nvidia also announced that Apache Spark creator Databricks will integrate RAPIDS into its analytics platform. Read more…

Study Pours Cold Water on AI Driving Algorithms

Jan 2, 2019 |

A recent report emerging from the center of U.S. auto manufacturing rains on the AI parade with research results claiming autonomous vehicle algorithms fare poorly in bad weather.

The study by researchers at Michigan State University found that even light rain or drizzle can interfere with algorithms used in self-driving car cameras. Read more…

Uber’s Training Tool Shares Ride for Deep Learning

Dec 13, 2018 |

A Linux Foundation project focused on AI development is expanding with the addition of a deep learning training tool based on an Uber-sponsored project.

Launch by the ride-sharing specialist, the Horovod project is a distributed training framework for Keras, PyTorch and TensorFlow. Read more…

Dremio Donates Fast Analytics Compiler to Apache Foundation

Nov 28, 2018 |

Dremio has donated the Gandiva Initiative — a LLVM-based execution kernel designed to speed up analytical workloads – to the Apache Software Foundation, where it will become available to anybody who wants it as part of the Apache Arrow project. Read more…

This Just In

Core Scientific Acquires Atrio

Jul 15, 2020 |

BELLEVUE, Wash., July 15, 2020 — Core Scientific announced the acquisition of certain assets and technology of Atrio Inc, a performance-critical AI and High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud services company. Read more…

MathWorks Partners with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute to Offer Deep Learning with MATLAB Course

Jul 15, 2020 |

NATICK, Mass., July 15, 2020 — MathWorks announced that a comprehensive “Deep Learning with MATLAB” course is now available, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute.

Read more…

maiData Joins the NVIDIA Inception Program

Jul 15, 2020 |

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 15, 2020 — maiData Corporation, provider of Big Data for medical AI developers, announced it has joined the NVIDIA Inception Program, a virtual accelerator program that is designed to nurture startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment, to revolutionize industries with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. Read more…, Red Hat to Deliver ML Workflow with MLOps on Red Hat OpenShift for the AI Enterprise

Jun 29, 2020 |

SAN FRANCISCOJune 29, 2020 —, the data science platform simplifying model management and introducing advanced MLOps to the industry, announced a collaboration with Red Hat on Red Hat Openshift to accelerate ML workflows and provide data scientists and DevOps with everything they need out of the box. Read more…

Exasol Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Jun 11, 2020 |

LONDON, June 11, 2020 — Exasol, the analytics database, announced it has joined the NVIDIA Inception program as a community member.

Exasol’s analytics database offers a powerful framework to perform advanced analytical tasks on large data volumes directly within the database. Read more…

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