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Data Science and ML Platform Market Heats Up

Mar 3, 2020 |

If you’re in the market for data science and machine learning tools, we have great news: The market is absolutely booming in 2020. With a ton of healthy competition, vendors are investing heavily to differentiate their products and drive innovation. Read more…

Why You Should Strengthen Your Retail Analytics Strategy with Multiple Versions of the Truth

May 31, 2019 |

With an influx of data into retailers’ environments—from e-commerce, social media, in-store data and supply chain technology, to name a few new sources—structuring how to interpret that data and then act on it to create unique and personalized customer experiences requires a different approach to business intelligence (BI). Read more…

Three Ways to Close Your Company’s Data Science Skills Gap Now

May 1, 2019 |

It should come as no surprise that demand for folks with data science expertise exceeds supply. In fact, according to some McKinsey, there are only half as many qualified data scientists as needed. Read more…

The ‘Big Bang’ of Data Science and ML Tools

Feb 8, 2019 |

The tools used for data science are rapidly changing at the moment, according to Gartner, which said we’re in the midst of a “big bang” in its latest report on data science and machine learning platforms. Read more…

AI Prognostications Plentiful for New Year

Dec 20, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence had a breakout year in 2018. The technology seemed to be everywhere, influencing everything from stock trading and hiring to crop rotations and perfumery. So where will AI take us in 2019? Read more…

News In Brief

‘Data Workers’ Failing to Cope

May 29, 2019 |

More evidence is emerging that “data workers” in general and data scientists in particular are bogged down by the sheer breadth of their company’s data.

Meanwhile, the skills gap between data experts and line-of-business workers continues to grow. Read more…

Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse Gets a Tune Up

May 1, 2018 |

Microsoft is keeping pace in the cloud data warehouse race with the release of its next-generation Azure SQL data warehouse which it promotes as an optimized computing tier.

Microsoft said its massively-parallel processing engine for cloud data warehousing boosts query performance over the previous generation platform by a factor of five. Read more…

Survey: Excel Remains Go-To Data Prep Tool

Apr 2, 2018 |

Skyrocketing data volumes and a complex mix of data types are bogging down data preparation and processing efforts, according to a recent overview of enterprise data quality.

The snapshot released by data prep vendor Paxata surprisingly found that about two-thirds of the organizations it surveyed late last year are still relying profiling tools like Excel spreadsheets to help ingest and profile data. Read more…

Alteryx Takes Action Following Big Data Breach

Jan 5, 2018 |

Following a report that it left data about more than 100 million households exposed on AWS, Alteryx’s CEO declared that the company has taken steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Read more…

Self-Serve Platform Promotes Collaboration

Dec 12, 2017 |

Among the goals of self-service big data analytics vendors is unifying the entire technology stack to allow business analytics to glean insights from data lakes. Combining the ability to run natively on Hadoop clusters and leveraging existing Spark deployments to preserve technology investments, one player in the self-service platform sector also claims to provide data preparation, visualization and other tools to quickly scan millions of rows and terabytes of scattered data. Read more…

This Just In

Alteryx Secures $85M Investment

Oct 28, 2015 |

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 28 — Alteryx, Inc., the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, today announced an $85 Million investment round led by firms Iconiq Capital and Insight Venture Partners. Read more…

Alteryx Now Certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5.4

Sep 24, 2015 |

IRVINE, Calif.Sept. 24 — Alteryx, Inc., the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, today announced that its newly released platform, Alteryx Analytics 10.0, empowers line-of-business analysts to quickly perform data blending in Cloudera without the need for SQL coding.   Read more…

Alteryx Debuts In-Database Analytics for Amazon Redshift

Sep 10, 2015 |

IRVINE, Calif.Sept. 10 — Alteryx, Inc., the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, today announced that in-database data blending with Amazon Web Services’s (AWS) Amazon Redshift is available as a part of the newly released Alteryx Analytics 10.0. Read more…

Alteryx Analytics 10.0 Released

Sep 3, 2015 |

IRVINE, Calif.Sept 3 — Alteryx, Inc., the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, today announced Alteryx Analytics 10.0, which delivers Analytic Independence (#analyticindependence) to millions of line-of-business analysts by providing them with the ability to achieve deeper business insights in hours, not weeks. Read more…

Alteryx Announces Rapid Adoption of Analytics on AWS

Jul 7, 2015 |

IRVINE, Calif.July 7 — Alteryx, Inc., the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, announced that an increasing number of customers are utilizing Alteryx Analytics on Amazon Web Services (AWS), such as Amazon Redshift, for data warehousing and processing to deliver business insight in a shorter time.  Read more…

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