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Deep Learning, PET Scans Combined to Spot Alzheimer’s

Jan 7, 2019 |

Early detection remains among the keys to diagnosing and treating debilitating and fatal diseases. Clinicians are now enlisting machine learning algorithms to greatly accelerate detection of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

The ability to detect the early onset of Alzheimer’s is critical, researchers note, because the disease ravages the brain before symptoms appear. Read more…

Anodot Gains Patents for Anomaly Detection

Oct 12, 2018 |

Anodot, which focuses on using machine learning techniques to spot anomalies in time-series data, announced a pair of U.S. patent awards this week covering its autonomous analytics framework.

The analytics vendor said Thursday (Oct. Read more…

Three Ways Biased Data Can Ruin Your ML Models

Jul 18, 2018 |

Machine learning provides a powerful way to automate decision making, but the algorithms don’t always get it right. When things go wrong, it’s often the machine learning model that gets the blame. Read more…

Algorithmia Aims AI Layer at ‘Last Mile’ Problem

Nov 16, 2017 |

It has been asserted that the algorithm has overtaken traditional software code as the driving force behind the AI Era. On the assumption that assertion is accurate, startups are beginning to offer tools for building what one refers to as “algorithm portfolios” Read more…

Sparse Fourier Transform Gives Stream Processing a Lifeline from the Coming Data Deluge

Jun 13, 2017 |

When James Cooley and John Tukey introduced the Fast Fourier transform in 1965, it revolutionized signal processing and set us on course to an array of technological breakthroughs. But today’s overwhelming data sets require a new approach. Read more…

Under Contract: Crowd-Sourced Zillow Algorithm

May 25, 2017 |

Zillow, the home sales tracking web site, has transformed the real estate business, but its proprietary algorithm for estimating home values hasn’t always measured up.

In tacit acknowledgment of that shortfall, the Seattle-based company launched a machine learning competition this week that will award $1 million to the individual or team that comes up with the best improvement to its “Zestimate” Read more…

Biomedical Text Mining Tool Gets the Lead Out

Mar 30, 2017 |

Approximately 100 lines of Python code serve as the basis of a new predictive text-mining tool designed to accelerate the scanning online biomedical research papers for clues on everything from repurposing existing drugs to advancing stem cell treatment. Read more…

Health Tracker Said to Spot Ebola Outbreak Before WHO

Aug 11, 2014 |

HealthMap, a web-based utility and algorithm used by public health agencies and others to track disease outbreaks and deliver real-time intelligence about emerging infectious diseases, may have spotted the Ebola outbreak in West Africa days before it was officially revealed. Read more…

Google’s Flu Analytics Fail Highlights Big Data’s Shortcomings

Mar 14, 2014 |Big data has enormous potential for assisting public health efforts, but without sufficient context, numbers can be misleading. Read more…

Will Your Startup Succeed? Ask an Algorithm

Mar 13, 2014 |As futurist Arthur C. Clark once posited: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The predictive patterns have always been there, but it's only with the evolution of technology and the advent of big data tools in particular that data scientists are able to predict future circumstances with what can seem like uncanny success. Read more…

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