If You’re Missing Fast Data, Big Data Isn’t Working for You

If You’re Missing Fast Data, Big Data Isn’t Working for You

Big Data analytics are all the rage. There is little doubt some great things can be accomplished...

Cloud Era Rising for Analytics?

Cloud Era Rising for Analytics?

Big organizations have traditionally run analytics on-site, for a number of reasons, including data security concerns. But...

How a Top Ad Firm Stopped Fearing Big Data and Learned to Love Analytics

How a Top Ad Firm Stopped Fearing Big Data and Learned to Love Analytics

Competition in the $500-billion global advertising industry is brutal, and ad firms that fail to deliver are...

TPC Crafts More Rigorous Hadoop Benchmark From TeraSort Test

TPC Crafts More Rigorous Hadoop Benchmark From TeraSort Test

While Moore’s Law has made computing and storage capacity less expensive with each passing year, the amount...

News In Brief

U.S. Enlists Big Data to Fight Securities Fraud

By George Leopold, 8/19/14

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) moved to reform its enforcement practices after missing the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme and other financial fraud by creating an Office of Market Intelligence in 2010. The office was intended to Read more…

From Data Wrangling to Data Harmony

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.17.50 PM
By George Leopold, 8/18/14

More and better automation tools such as machine-learning technologies are needed to free data scientists from mundane "data-wrangling" chores. Those tools would allow scientists to focus on gleaning insights from prepared data, a range of Read more…

Databases Used to Trace Western Migrations

urban data map
By George Leopold, 8/15/14

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas used three databases of "notable individuals" over the last 2,000 years to trace western migration patterns. While Rome remained the cultural center of the European continent through the early Read more…

FTC Expands Scrutiny of Big Data Practices

ftc logo
By George Leopold, 8/14/14

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is stepping up its scrutiny of big data practices as concerns grow about misuse of private data collected by banks, retailers and other enterprises. The regulatory agency's Bureau of Consumer Protection is Read more…

Startup Adatao Raises $13M for Big Data 2.0 Platform

By George Leopold, 8/13/14

Big data startup Adatao Inc. recently announced a $13 million funding round along with additions to its board of directors as it seeks to expand the customer base for big data analytics. Adatao [ah-DAY-tao], Sunnyvale, Calif., was founded in Read more…

Health Tracker Said to Spot Ebola Outbreak Before WHO

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.19.16 PM
By George Leopold, 8/11/14

HealthMap, a web-based utility and algorithm used by public health agencies and others to track disease outbreaks and deliver real-time intelligence about emerging infectious diseases, may have spotted Read more…

Analytics Drives Tesla Customer Loyalty

By George Leopold, 8/8/14

As the auto industry is transformed by upstarts like Tesla Motors, analytics is being applied to bring customers and car makers closer together. The Tesla S twin-engine electric sedan is a case in point, having been variously described by one Read more…

Hospitals Use Predictive Analytics to Allocate Resources

By George Leopold, 8/7/14

Data analytics continues to make inroads in the efficient allocation of expensive healthcare resources. Among the latest examples is the use of predictive analytics at a Texas hospital that has helped reduce its 30-day readmission rate for Read more…

IBM Targets Predictive Analytics at Hiring, Retention

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.44.47 PM
By George Leopold, 8/6/14

As it builds more data analytics into its cloud infrastructure, IBM is trying to leverage predictive analytics as a new recruitment tool to help companies find and attract top talent. IBM said it is now offering a talent consulting practice Read more…