Five Steps to Running ETL on Hadoop for Web Companies

Five Steps to Running ETL on Hadoop for Web Companies

Mention ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and eyes glaze over. The thought goes: “That stuff is old...

Hadoop Labor Update: Cloudera Talks Impala 2.0 as Hortonworks Previews Kafka

Hadoop Labor Update: Cloudera Talks Impala 2.0 as Hortonworks Previews Kafk...

Say what you will about Hadoop (and we do), the big data platform is evolving at an...

What Exactly Is Big Data, If It’s Neither About Big Nor Data?

What Exactly Is Big Data, If It’s Neither About Big Nor Data?

Many people ask us why there doesn’t seem to be an accepted definition for Big Data in...

Who IBM’s Server Group Turns To for Machine Data Analytics

Who IBM’s Server Group Turns To for Machine Data Analytics

IBM’s engineering prowess is second to none, and its Systems and Technology Group builds the computers that...

In The Spotlight

Datanami is announcing the 2014 Big Data All Star Awards

Big Data All StarRecognized over the coming months will be notable industry contributions, and the people behind them, that help drive the advancement of big data implementation and application to new levels.

The first award recipient is Tom Thomas of Experian. Tom, along with core key team members including Norbert Frohlich and Dave Garnier, developed a progressive way for Experian to move beyond the restraints of an in-house database schema while increasing processing power, lowering costs, and devising new Tom Thomasways to store more easily accessible data. This enabled deeper data access to further improve business operations.

Following is an interview we conducted with Tom and the Experian team to gain more insight into what they did, and how it was done.  Congratulations to Tom Thomas as the first Big Data All Star Award winner. We also take our hats off to Tom for giving well-deserved credit to his teammates who helped make cutting-edge strides in big data development turn into big business gains.


News In Brief

EnterpriseDB Throws Down PostgreSQL Gauntlet

By George Leopold, 8/29/14

A new database development environment released earlier this month has been tweaked to leverage the NoSQL capabilities in PostgreSQL, the open source object-relational database tool, to build next-generation web applications. EnterpriseDB, Read more…

Data Startup Targets Machine Learning for Healthcare

By George Leopold, 8/27/14

A medical diagnostic startup is attempting to use recent advances in machine learning as a way to make it easier for doctors to sort through medical information in the form of images, unstructured data like notes on a patient's history and Read more…

Poll: SAS Use Surges for Data Mining

By George Leopold, 8/26/14

A recent poll querying data scientists on which programming and statistics languages they used in 2014 for analytics, data mining and data science found that four main languages dominated. The data mining community web site Read more…

Performance Analytics Tackles Sports Injuries

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.28.19 PM
By George Leopold, 8/25/14

In the human demolition derby known as the National Football League, season-ending, often career-threatening, injuries are already piling up like lineman on a loose football. And it's only preseason! An injury to a star player—the St. Louis Read more…

Gauging Human Emotions at the Stroke of a Key

machine in the brain
By George Leopold, 8/22/14

Indian researchers using text pattern analysis and "keystroke dynamics" claim they have designed a computer program that can accurately recognize a computer user's emotions. "Depending on the emotion," the researchers claimed, they accurately Read more…

Selfies Spawn Photo Analytics

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.51.50 PM
By George Leopold, 8/21/14

An estimated 1.8 billion photos are shared on social media each day. Current "social listening tools" can't analyze all this data. Enter Ditto Labs Inc., which touts its proprietary "visual recognition engine" that locates brand names in Read more…

Automakers Embrace Predictive Analytics to Boost Sales

By George Leopold, 8/20/14

The use of predictive analytics to discern consumer preferences is expanding to car dealerships where manufacturers led by Ford Motor Co. are trying to convince local dealers that big data can help them reduce the number of days cars sit unsold Read more…

U.S. Enlists Big Data to Fight Securities Fraud

By George Leopold, 8/19/14

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) moved to reform its enforcement practices after missing the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme and other financial fraud by creating an Office of Market Intelligence in 2010. The office was intended to Read more…

From Data Wrangling to Data Harmony

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.17.50 PM
By George Leopold, 8/18/14

More and better automation tools such as machine-learning technologies are needed to free data scientists from mundane "data-wrangling" chores. Those tools would allow scientists to focus on gleaning insights from prepared data, a range of Read more…

Databases Used to Trace Western Migrations

urban data map
By George Leopold, 8/15/14

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas used three databases of "notable individuals" over the last 2,000 years to trace western migration patterns. While Rome remained the cultural center of the European continent through the early Read more…