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Who’s Buying Into Big Data? It’s Not Who You Might Think

Who’s Buying Into Big Data? It’s Not Who You Might Think

In any fast-moving technological field, there’s going to be a fairly wide distribution between those who believe...

Solr or Elasticsearch–That Is the Question

Solr or Elasticsearch–That Is the Question

That is the common question I hear: Which one is better, Solr or Elasticsearch? Which one is...

Interana Nabs $20M to Continue Work on Time-Series Analytics

Interana Nabs $20M to Continue Work on Time-Series Analytics

Hadoop may be the top headliner when it comes to big data analytics, but it’s not the...

Can Big Data Give Us Bionic Brains?

Can Big Data Give Us Bionic Brains?

The rise of big data and analytics promises to transform many aspects of our lives, chief among...

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Creating Flexible Big Data Solutions for Drug Discovery

Big Data All StarHe didn’t know it at the time, but when high school student David Tester acquired his first “computer”  – a TI-82 graphing calculator from Texas Instruments – he was on a path that would inevitably lead to Big Data.

Tester’s interest in computation continued through undergraduate and graduate schools culminating in a Ph.D from the University of Oxford.

He followed a rather unusual path, investigating where formal semantics and logic interacted with statistical reasoning. He notes that this problem is one that computers are still not very good at solving as compared to people. Although computers are excellent for crunching statistics and for following an efficient chain of logic, they still fall short where those two tasks combine: using statistical heuristics to guide complex chains of logic.


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Oracle Rejiggers Exadata for Emerging In-Memory Workloads

oracle exadata

Organizations that adopt the latest generation of Oracle's engineered systems will have more flexible configuration and licensing options available to them than previous generations. That will make it more cost effective to run emerging Read more…

Making the Business Case for Location Analytics


What if any role could locations analytics, defined as the ability to gain insight from the location or geographic component of business data, play in enhancing the value of business intelligence? The answer to the geo-data puzzle, according Read more…

The Humanist’s Emerging Role in Big Data


The combination of big data and advanced analytics can help us find answers to questions that may otherwise stay unknown. But what questions are we asking of our big data sets, and what data are we using? The answers are important, and point to Read more…

Cloudera Teams with Google to Run Dataflow on Spark

google cloud platform

Cloudera and Google today announced that they're working together to get Dataflow--the big data pipeline model Google publicly launched last June--to run on Apache Spark, thereby giving customers more freedom to run their big data applications Read more…

Predicting Consumer Behavior Drives Growth of Text Analytics

text mining

Retailers are getting hip to the latest fashion—using text analytics to predict what consumers are going to do and buy next. According to a new report by Allied Market Research, predictive analytics in the retail sector will be responsible Read more…

Alteryx Adds In-Database Blending


The latest release of an analytics platform combines data "blending" with predictive analytics tools intended to help combine large datasets with databases rather than just subsets of data. Alteryx Inc. said Thursday (January 15) its Read more…

Spotfire: Now With Automated Vizzes

spotfire recommendations

Figuring out how best to display a piece of data can be a big part of the big data analytics battle. When is a pie chart best, and where would a funnel graph work better? With the new Recommendations feature that TIBCO added to its Spotfire Read more…

Procured Data Feed Promises To Be ‘Disruptive,’ 1010data Says

blue data stream

Customers normally bring their own data when they buy or subscribe to a data analytics software or service. But with the new 1010data Facts offering unveiled today, customers not only get advanced analytic tooling, but they can get access to a Read more…

Lockheed Aims to Make Apache Storm Easier to Use

storm logo_1

The data analytics arm of defense contractor Lockheed Martin yesterday announced that it's making a big data analysis tool available as open source. Dubbed StreamFlow, the tool is designed to make it easier for beginner programmers to work with Read more…

Kindergarten: The New Big Data Training Ground


A good education, it is often said, starts at home. And according to a new report, big data training should start in kindergarten. The earlier that educators start laying the foundation for the deep analytical skills required for the new Read more…