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OpenXLA Delivers Flexibility for ML Apps

Machine learning developers gained new abilities to develop and run their ML programs on the framework and hardware of their choice thanks to the OpenXLA Project, which today announced the availability of key open source Read more…

Cerebras Hits the Accelerator for Deep Learning Workloads

When it comes to large neural networks like BERT or GPT-3, organizations often must wait weeks or even months for a training task to complete if they’re using traditional CPU and GPU clusters. But with its massive Wafe Read more…

A Wave of Purpose-Built AI Hardware Is Building

Google last week unveiled the third version of its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), which is designed to accelerate deep learning workloads developed in its TensorFlow environment. But that's just the start of a groundswell Read more…

This Just In

Cerebras Unveils Andromeda, a 13.5 Million Core AI Supercomputer

Nov 14, 2022 |

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 14, 2022 — Cerebras Systems, the pioneer in accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) compute, today unveiled Andromeda, a 13.5 million core AI supercomputer, now available and being used for commercial and academic work. Read more…

PSC’s Neocortex Upgrades to Cerebras CS-2 AI Systems

Apr 13, 2022 |

PITTSBURGH, Penn. — April 13, 2022 — The Neocortex high-performance artificial intelligence (AI) computer at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) has been upgraded with two new Cerebras CS-2 systems, powered by the second-generation wafer-scale engine (WSE-2) processor. Read more…