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Simplifying the Big Data Lake Experiences in the Cloud

Oct 16, 2019 |

The cloud is a hot spot for big data lakes these days, thanks largely to the greater technological simplicity and lower upfront costs of getting started in the public cloud. Read more…

Dogged Determination: How Trupanion Pulled AI Across the Finish Line

Oct 14, 2019 |

David Jaw had reason to be excited. As a data scientist at Trupanion, Jaw had just put the finishing touches on the prototype of a machine learning model that could replicate the actions of a human claims adjuster with a high degree of accuracy. Read more…

How ML Helps Solve the Big Data Transform/Mastering Problem

Oct 10, 2019 |

Despite the astounding technological progress in big data analytics, we largely have yet to move past manual techniques for important tasks, such as data transformation and master data management. As data volumes grow, the productivity gap posed by manual methods grows wider, putting the dreams of AI- and machine learning-powered automation further out of reach. Read more…

HANA in the Cloud by Christmas, SAP Says

Oct 9, 2019 |

SAP formally revealed the planned general availability of hotly anticipated new cloud data storage products during CTO Juergen Mueller’s keynote address at TechEd conference in Barcelona Monday. Two of those new offerings — Read more…

How Cloudera Is Battling Shadow IT with CDP

Oct 4, 2019 |

“Come use our analytics service in the cloud, but don’t tell your IT department. It’ll be our little secret.” The siren call of shadow IT has tempted many business units with promises of fast results. Read more…

News In Brief

Hyperscale Datacenters Lift Many Boats

Oct 15, 2019 |

Soaring demand for hyperscale datacenters and colocation services is having a ripple effect within the value chain that builds and integrates those services, a new survey finds.

As edge deployments and software-defined infrastructure drove overall hyperscale datacenter spending last year to an estimated $120 billion, the survey released by Schneider Electric notes that growing demand also highlights continuing skills gap. Read more…

Synthetic Data Market Gets Real

Oct 14, 2019 |

A growing list of data privacy regulations along with demand for better training data is spawning new AI-based approaches to managing “personally identifiable” information, including “synthetic” data sets that remove personal information covered by current and pending privacy rules. Read more…

Price Tag for CCPA Compliance: $55B

Oct 8, 2019 |

Data privacy doesn’t come cheap.

According to a regulatory assessment released by the state attorney general, the California Consumer Privacy Act will hit businesses with upwards of $55 billion in initial compliance costs. Read more…

Higher Abstractions, Lower Complexity in Kafka’s Future

Sep 30, 2019 |

Apache Kafka has established itself as a leader in streaming data. If you want to handle billions (or even trillions) of events per day, Kafka is a pretty good bet. Read more…

Rockset Connects Kafka with SQL

Sep 27, 2019 |

Rockset, the serverless search and analytics startup, is extending the ability to run SQL on NoSQL data with real-time event analysis on Apache Kafka.

The company, based in San Mateo, Calif., said it is coming at the ingestion, analysis and serving of data from a different angle to allow users of the Kafka to run SQL analytics on raw data from the distributed streaming platform. Read more…

This Just In

IBM Study: C-Suite Leaders Who Value Trust in Data are Positioned to Outperform Peers

Nov 13, 2019 |

ARMONK, N.Y.Nov. 13, 2019 — IBM’s 20th edition of its bi-annual C-Suite Study, “Build Your Trust Advantage,” polled nearly 13,500 C-level executives across the globe to examine how companies are achieving market leadership by emphasizing trust in their use and sharing of data. Read more…

Google and Ascension Partner on Healthcare Transformation Initiative

Nov 12, 2019 |

Nov. 12, 2019 — Ascension, one of the nation’s leading non-profit health systems, is working with Google to optimize the health and wellness of individuals and communities, and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of digital capabilities that enhance the experience of Ascension consumers, patients and clinical providers across the continuum of care. Read more…

DataStax to Speak at Big Data LDN and Host Cassandra Meetup

Nov 11, 2019 |

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 11, 2019 – DataStax, the company behind the leading database built on Apache Cassandra, today announced it is hosting a Cassandra Meetup during Big Data London (Big Data LDN) with special guest DataStax co-founder and CTO Jonathan Ellis on November 13 at 6:00 p.m. Read more…

Neo4j Introduces Neo4J Aura, a Graph Database in the Cloud

Nov 6, 2019 |

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 6, 2019 – Neo4j, the leader in graph databases, today announced Neo4j Aura, the first fully-managed native graph database as a service.

Unlike other graph and traditional relational databases, Neo4j is built from the ground up to leverage the value of connections in data. Read more…

Equifax and FICO Showcase Data Decisions Cloud Product Suite at FICO World 2019

Nov 6, 2019 |

NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2019 — Equifax Inc. and FICO showcased the jointly developed Data Decisions Cloud suite today at FICO World 2019 in New York. The full suite demonstrated at the event included the cloud-based Data Decisions Connected Platform and two solutions that combine Equifax differentiated data and analytics management with FICO digital decisioning capabilities. Read more…

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