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April 12, 2023

Rupert Is Closing the Analytics to Action Loop with $8M Seed Funding

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The era of speculative analytics projects is over, according to Rupert, maker of an analytics distribution platform that has just raised $8 million in a seed funding round.

Analytics tools are helping businesses uncover the value of their data, but for some organizations, there is a disconnect between these analytics assets and action-oriented business outcomes. Rupert notes that in today’s cautious economic climate, analytics leaders are increasingly called upon by stakeholders to quantify and maximize analytics ROI, and claims its platform is the first to directly connect data insights to business actions and results.

Rupert’s platform connects analytics sources like BI tools and metric layers with operational platforms and communications tools. The platform leverages natural language capabilities like text-to-SQL to understand an organization’s analytics assets such as dashboards and metrics while continuously learning from users’ analytics consumption behaviors.

The platform generates tailored insights for each user with accompanying recommended business actions that come directly from operations systems like Salesforce or campaign managers. Analytics and operations teams can then deliver these personalized insight alerts to stakeholders using preferred communication platforms like Slack, Teams, or email using a no-code tool. The company says the alerts are prompted by intelligent data triggers and accompanied by “Action Modules” that allow users to immediately act on critical insights.

Rupert was co-founded in 2020 by Ziv Wangenheim and Yoni Steinmentz, former leaders of analytics teams at Google, Jefferies, Lazard, and Palantir.

Rupert’s co-founders. (Source: Rupert)

“The most effective business teams take data-driven business actions, which lead to superior business results,” said Wangenheim in a release. “While organizations invest heavily in infrastructure for analytics, the insights their business teams need remain reactive, hidden, and idle in endless reporting dashboards. These dashboards are designed for exploration, rather than being proactive and driving meaningful business actions. Our customers strive to be truly data-driven and need the ability to activate their insights and measure the business impact of their analytics.”

Wangenheim explains that his team built Rupert to help organizations close the loop from data pipelines to business impact, and claims his customers have seen up to a 14x increase in business actions triggered by analytics: “We help analytics teams claim their seat at the business table and move out of ‘support mode’ and into ‘proactive mode’ by connecting their work directly to business KPIs and impact,” he said. Rupert’s customers include mobile marketing analytics platform AppsFlyer, prescription discount site GoodRx, and video technology company Mux.

An example of a critical alert on Slack, one of the communications platforms supported by Rupert. (Source: Rupert)

The company says its latest $8 million seed funding round will enable it to invest in the platform and add user-anticipated features and integrations while scaling marketing efforts. The seed round was led by DataRobot founder Jeremy Achin’s Cortical Ventures and IA Ventures (the seed investor of Datadog) with participation from Citi Ventures and Joule Ventures. Other participants include AtScale CEO Christopher Lynch, Stitch founders Jake Stein and Bob Moore, and executives from data organizations such as Snowflake, Looker, Alation, Weights & Biases, Snowplow, and SAP.

“Organizations are spending billions of dollars on modernizing their data stacks for analytics and data science initiatives. With today’s macroeconomic environment, CFOs and company boards are tightening their purse strings on initiatives that don’t drive quantifiable, positive business outcomes. Rupert’s analytics distribution platform is the first of its kind to measure the revenue and cost savings impacts tied to analytics initiatives,” said AtScale CEO Lynch.

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