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June 20, 2022

Apache Doris Analytical Database Graduates from Apache Incubator

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Any candidate for the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and its arsenal of enterprise-grade, open-source software for the public good first goes through the Apache Incubator. Now, the latest project has graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a Top-Level Project (TLP): Apache Doris (née Palo), a massively parallel processing analytical database system.

The ASF says that Doris is a database system for online analytical processing—or “OLAP”—scenarios and that it offers both sub-second queries and efficient real-time data analysis. It is built on both Apache Impala (a distributed SQL query engine and existing ASF TLP) and Google Mesa (a highly scalable analytic data warehousing system). The ASF also lists the following features for Apache Doris:

  • High performance: Use column storage, index, parallel execution, vectorization technology, query optimizer and many other technologies to achieve fast query response.
  • Easy-to-use: ANSI SQL syntax support. It can be easily scaled horizontally, and the data replica is automatically repaired and balanced. Does not rely on third-party services.
  • Pre-aggregation: Provides multiple pre-aggregation data models and ensures data consistency and automatic query routing.
  • Big data ecosystem integration: Supports the connection with Apache Flink, Apache Hive, Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, Apache Spark, and ElasticSearch, among other systems.

Doris, which just crossed 300 contributors and celebrated its 1.0 release, is already being used at more than 500 companies, including many top internet firms in China (such as Tencent and Xiaomi). This may trace back to Doris’ origins: Doris began as Palo when it was developed at the Chinese multinational Baidu. Five years ago, Palo was open-sourced, and just a year later, it entered the Apache Incubator. In the Incubator, projects (there known as “podlings”) learn to operate via the “Apache Way,” ensuring vendor-neutral independence, community prioritization, public accessibility and more. Now, Baidu offers Palo as “an enterprise-class data warehouse platform based on Apache Doris.”

The Apache Doris logo. Image courtesy of Apache Doris.

“We are very proud that Doris graduated from the Apache Incubator —it is an important milestone,” said Mingyu Chen, vice president of Apache Doris, who now chairs Doris’ Project Management Committee (PMC) for the ASF. “Under the guidance of our incubator mentors, we learned how to successfully develop our project and community the Apache Way. We have achieved great growth during the incubation process.”

“Graduation is the starting point of a new journey,” Chen continued. “Our many plans for the future include continuing to develop Apache Doris, with new contributors and open source technology enthusiasts joining us to help grow our project and community together in the Apache Way.”

To learn more about Apache Doris, click here.

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