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February 14, 2020

Open Raven, a New Enterprise Data Security Platform, Emerges from Stealth

The enterprise data security space has a new player. Yesterday, Open Raven emerged from stealth, promising a “modern data security platform that brings visibility and control to enterprise data protection.” 

At launch, the Open Raven Platform consists of the “Community Edition,” which allows users to conduct automated mapping of cloud and on-prem data stores and manage all their data from a single location: the Open Raven Graph. The Community Edition builds this graph using a variety of tools, such as the Open Raven DMAP fingerprinting service, which identifies which assets are operating as data stores. Using machine learning, DMAP can identify data stores from vendors like ElasticSearch and MongoDB. The platform can also link directly to other services via “connectors,” with support at launch for AWS and connectors to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform coming soon.

Open Raven advertises that its search feature can then “easily visualize and act upon” queries like “Where do I have unencrypted data that is Internet-accessible?” and “Is all data in Europe protected according to our standards?” The platform also generates trend reports and offers a GraphQL-based API.

“When it comes to data breaches, there is a quiet epidemic that is not the result of hacking from Russia, Iran or China,” said Dave Cole, CEO of Open Raven, in a press release. “Accidental data exposures are the driving force behind today’s breaches. Our mission is to reinvent data security for the modern era starting by making it easy to answer fundamental questions such as ‘where is my data?’ and ‘how is it protected?’ Open Raven is designed to automate the elimination of blind spots, stopping data breaches at the source.”

Open Raven was founded by Cole and Mark Curphey, who worked to develop cybersecurity products at companies like CrowdStrike, Symantec and Microsoft. The company’s seed funding round, led by Kara Nortman of Upfront Ventures, raised $4.1 million. Other investors include Phil Venables, Niloo Razi Howe (formerly of RSA), Andrew Peterson (CEO of Signal Sciences) and Oliver Friedrichs (VP and GM at Splunk).

“Security leaders are increasingly finding that a data centric view of security control is more important than ever,” said Venables, who is a senior advisor and board director at Goldman Sachs Bank and an Open Raven board member. “This requires companies know what data resides where in their enterprise and how it is protected. Open Raven is solving for this by making those insights accessible.”

Open Raven’s Community Edition is currently in preview release and is only available to install by request. To learn more or submit a request, visit their website.