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January 8, 2019

GeoSpock Joins Growing List of Spatial Data Startups


UK-based spatial big data startup GeoSpock hopes to “live long and prosper” after netting an additional £10 million in venture funding.

GeoSpock, based on Cambridge, said its latest funding round (which works out to more than $12.7 million) included Japanese data technology vendor KDDI Supership as a strategic investor. The startup has so far raised £19.25 million, or about $24.4 million.

Five-year-old GeoSpock, which offers a spatial big data platform billed as combining access to contextual data visualizations and “programmatic” analytics, said Tuesday (Jan. 8) it would use the new funding to expand its Asian operation centered in Japan and Singapore. R&D investments will focus on machine learning and data science, the startup added.

GeoSpock promotes its platform as a processing engine for smart infrastructure, ranging from smart cities—the island city-state of Singapore is a leader in this category—to the Internet of Things. Among its specialties are “future mobility applications,” the company said, including management of autonomous vehicle fleets.

The cloud-based location intelligence engine processes large volumes of contextual data in milliseconds, analyzing trillions of geospatial and temporal data points.

The result, the startup adds, is predictive analytics “across space and time.”

GeoSpock joins a growing list of startups and new approaches to visualizing big geospatial data on the fly. Among them are OmniSci (formerly MapD) and Kinetica.

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