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November 27, 2018

TigerGraph Launches Cloud Database on AWS


A year after emerging from stealth mode, graph database startup TigerGraph is expanding its offerings to include a cloud database service that supports AI and machine learning applications.

The startup announced at Amazon Web Services’ (NASDAQ: AMZN) annual gathering this week that it would offer its AI-based graph analytics platform as a cloud service, beginning with AWS and shortly adding other public cloud carriers.

The cloud-based graph database service is being promoted as a faster and easier way to securely run SQL-like queries in the cloud without the need to configure or manage servers.

The cloud database also includes starter kits for application development, including financial use cases such as anti-fraud and preventing money laundering as well as supply chain management. The applications kits also include enterprise graph analytics tools. TigerGraph said Tuesday (Nov. 27) the new kits also include graph schemas, sample data, preloaded queries and a library of graph algorithms. The intent is to make it easier to tailor algorithms to specific use cases.

Since emerging last fall, TigerGraph has claimed its enterprise platform is the fastest graphics analytics implementation. The new version would allow user to scale graph analytics workloads in the cloud, the startup asserted.

“Organizations can tap into graph analytics to power explainable AI, [that is] AI whose actions can be easily understood by humans, a must-have in regulated industries,” said Yu Xu, TigerGraph’s founder and CEO.

The cloud-based graph database is also pitched as faster and cheaper, providing the ability to handle demanding machine learning and other AI workloads while using nine times less storage, the startup claimed.

The transition of graph databases to the cloud reflects growing demand for public cloud connections to a range of database platforms that has gained momentum over the last two years, beginning with managed NoSQL and relational databases.

A preview of the TigerGraph cloud database is available here.

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