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January 5, 2017

Big Genomics Data Gets a Storage Boost

George Leopold


Bio-processor developer Edico Genome is collaborating with storage specialist Dell EMC to bundle computing and storage platform for analyzing gene-sequencing data.

The partners said this week the platform will be based on Edico Genome’s DRAGEN processor that uses an FPGA for hardware acceleration. That processor will be integrated with a Dell 4130 server for souped up genome analysis along with Dell EMC’s (NYSE: DVMT) Isilon network attached storage for genomic data storage.

The bundle is touted as enabling analysis of an entire genome in as little as 22 minutes. Standard software currently requires as much as a day to complete a full genomic analysis. The partners said applications for rapid genomic analysis include faster diagnoses for cancer patients and critically ill newborns along with faster results for drug developers and researchers.

Along with the Dell server and Isilon storage, the FPGA-based platform is coupled with the storage giant’s Virtustream storage cloud. The genomics platform also supports third-party cloud providers.

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