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October 25, 2016

Startups Look to Speed Up Data to AWS Redshift

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More data management startups are emerging as data piles up. Among their goals is automating analytics cloud infrastructure. With competition in the data warehouse market heating up, one data management startup focusing on the Amazon Web Services Redshift platform said it is partnering with an infrastructure manager to help customers quickly shift raw data to Redshift so they can concentrate on extracting insights., a Tel Aviv-based startup that recently announced a $7 million early funding round, said Tuesday (Oct. 25) it is partnering with another Israeli startup, online software distributor ironSource, to use the latter’s data flow manager to connect integrated data with data warehouses based on AWS (NASDAQ: AMZN) Redshift.

The partners said the ironSource manager integrates data sources into the Panoply analytics automation tool for current and future Redshift users. Panoply’s analytics infrastructure service running on AWS Redshift incorporates machine-learning algorithms designed to help virtualize and automate cloud-based analytics.

The startup differentiates its tool by expanding automation from the data source to preparation through data analytics. It said the deal with ironSource would simplify real-time data integration and management by leveraging a pipeline that links data to a data warehouse. Panoply emphasized it is combining its infrastructure management tools with the ironSource data pipeline to “smooth” the transition between platforms such as ironSource and Redshift.

The combination would allow ironSource users to use existing infrastructure to optimized schemas and queries for data stored in a Redshift data warehouse. Those features address what Panoply CEO and co-founder Yaniv Leven estimates is the 50 to 80 percent of a data scientists’ time used up by data management issues. The startup claims its analytics approach can take users from raw data to queries in minutes. The goal of the partnership is to transfer that capability to users of the ironSource data flow management platform.

Panoply added that its data management tool is currently in beta testing and will be generally available soon. It did not specify a release date. The Israeli startup also has offices in San Francisco and is backed by Blumberg Capital and Intel Capital.

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