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August 2, 2016

Datos IO Partners With AWS on Data Backup

Growing deployment of distributed applications on scale-out and cloud databases has, vendors claim, fueled the need to protect critical application data, resulting in data governance standards that mandate backup and recovery capabilities as part of the application stack.

Those requirements prompted database recovery software specialist Datos IO to forge a partnership with public cloud giant Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ:AMZN) designed to help enterprises back up and recover multiple data stores along with cloud-native workloads on the Amazon cloud.

The partnership announced Tuesday (Aug. 2) enlists Datos IO as the latest member of the AWS partner network with a specific focus on protecting from data loss such things as software services or applications such as Internet of Things (IoT) implementations along with data analytics and other cloud-native projects deployed on the AWS cloud.

The alliance also allows AWS users to deploy Datos IO’s NoSQL distributed database recovery software called RecoverX on AWS using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances for computing along with storage backup on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service offering. Data also could be stored as objects or on-premise files, the partners said.

Datos IO’s software is designed to recover data natively in the cloud or retrieve data back from the cloud to on-premise secondary storage, the Santa Clara, Calif., company said. Data can also be transferred to different cloud platforms. The partnership with AWS would allow RecoverX users to run in the public cloud to protect application data while providing recovery if files are corrupted to deleted.

Datos IO cited use cases in which customers relied on its recovery software to meet compliance standards for an operational reporting application deployed on Cassandra databases running on the AWS cloud. The cloud platform provided scale without compromising compliance and governance standards for data protection, the company said.

In another use case, an IoT platform-as-a-service provider ran RecoverX natively on the AWS cloud to backup time-series data stored in Cassandra databases running on the AWS platform. The combination provided “point-in-time” backup of aggregated sensor data at scale, Datos IO claimed.

The partnership with AWS “is an important step towards our vision of pioneering application recovery management across multiple data stores, across multi-cloud deployments, and making it consumable with as a service model,” Tarun Thakur, CEO and co-founder of Datos IO, noted in a statement.

RecoverX is based on the Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery (CODR) architecture that is independent of media servers. Data is transferred in parallel to and from file-based and object-based secondary storage.

Datos IO noted that CODR delivers scalable versioning that enables enterprises to protect data at most intervals and granularity along with fast recovery for both operational recovery and testing and developmental use cases.

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