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June 27, 2016

Talend Rolls New Cloud Data Manager Platform

The latest version of a data integration tool released this week by management software specialist Talend offers “self-service” data preparation while helping shift more big data workloads to the cloud.

Talend, Redwood City, Calif., said Monday (June 27) pitched its new data fabric platform as a way of achieving enterprise-scale support for self-service data preparation while leveraging corporate data lakes and other cloud resources via a cloud integration tool.

The data preparation tool is part of a larger industry shift toward organizing, governing and making big data more accessible throughout enterprises. Expanding access to large information stores beyond in-house data scientists is increasingly seen as a means of promoting collaboration to squeeze more value from big data.

Emphasizing new data governance features, the company touted the platform as empowering employees to become “information brokers” within their organizations without compromising data security.

The commercial version of Talend’s data preparation platform is intended to improve control of information use through what the company described as “role-based access to shared data stores.” The platform delivers data preparation tools at scale along with support for “hundreds” of information sources. It also includes a “smart sampling” feature to update master data sets.

Through increased sharing of these managed data sets, the company asserts that the data preparation platform will foster greater collaboration among business users, eventually shifting their role from big data consumer to provider.

The tools also ease incorporating master data into workflows, including batch, bulk and master data management schemes.

The big data vendor also is betting that self-service data management is poised to move beyond spreadsheet software to desktop self-service data preparation software as a way to provide centralized data governance and control.

The Talend platform runs on Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN), and the new data fabric includes Secure Socket Layer communications between data integration workloads running in its integration cloud. The cloud platform also runs on Amazon Redshift, the managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse designed to speed data analytics using existing business intelligence tools. Redshift also boosts data security when accessing sensitive company data.

Talend said the AWS-based cloud platform additionally allows users to encrypt Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) data on the client side to lock down data in motion and at rest. The integration cloud permits IT administrators to “inherit” credentials from identity and access management tools as a way of ensuring that only authorized users can spin up Amazon S3 clusters.

In addition, the company said its new Amazon DynamoDB connector speeds up workload processing by enabling users to read directly from Spark jobs.

The new data fabric platform is available now, and Talend said licensees for the newest version also would receive two seats for its data preparation tool at no additional cost.

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