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April 4, 2014

Jaspersoft and Talend Collaborate on Big Data Tool

George Leopold

A big data access tool rolled out this week by partners Jaspersoft and Talend rounds out a suite of big data reporting and analysis applications.

San Francisco-based Jaspersoft said its extract, transform and load (ETL) analytics tool is based on Talend’s big data integration technology. The product, Jaspersoft ETL Expanded Big Data Edition, supplements Jaspersoft’s existing native and data federation connectors for big data reporting and analytics.

The partners said the upgraded version of ETL aims to provide additional scaling along with better resource management. Most big data platforms are supported, including Amazon EMR, Apache Hadoop, Google BigQuery, and Neo Technology’s Neo4j.

Advanced big data reporting and analytics are being promoted as a way to scale up and combine big data with traditional data sources. Jaspersoft said its native connectors to big data aim to leverage data source features, such as geospatial functions.

The partners also stressed that a native data federation feature allows real-time blending of big data and other data sources without actually moving the data.

Jaspersoft CMO Jim Bell stressed in a statement that the partner’s big data tool would allow customers’ business requirements “to dictate how they access big data for visualization, reporting and analytics rather than having to conform to a vendor’s capabilities.”

Talend, headquartered in both Los Altos, Calif., and Suresnes, France, focuses on data integration software equipped with native support for big data platforms. The integration specialist has been partnering with Jaspersoft for several years. The expanded ETL analytics tool is their first joint offering.