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Teradata Aster, Machine Learning, and Big Data

Source: Teradata
Release Date: Jul 22, 2015

In the age of Big Data, the leading edge of machine learning is no longer defined by chess games or spam filtering, but instead the ability to disrupt industries through decisive insights. But empowering your organization shouldn’t require a PhD in data science. Learn how to tame your organization’s data with our latest whitepaper, sponsored by Teradata.

SpotlightON: Accelerating Time to Value of Hadoop Data

Source: Teradata
Release Date: May 7, 2015

Download this report to take a look at how top data scientists and engineers are accelerating their time to value and staying afloat in Hadoop data lakes with better visibility and faster data processing.

SpotlightON: OLAP on Hadoop

Source: Kyvos Insights
Release Date: Apr 2, 2015

Download this report to take a look at how enterprises are blending online analytical processing (OLAP) systems with the power of Hadoop to intuitively interact with immense data volumes.

Disruptive Technologies in Energy & Life Sciences

Source: Altiar, Bright Computing, EMC, Numascale, and Platfora
Release Date: Mar 24, 2015

This 49-page in-depth report takes a look at how two very different industries are scaling familiar advanced computing concepts to new heights, forcing major players to keep pace in order to remain competitive.

Kx Systems

Read the paper that’s changing the way enterprises see Big Data.

Source: Kx Systems
Release Date: Jan 5, 2015

Proven in finance – the industry with the most demanding time-series data analytics requirements – kdb+ offers enterprises in other industries similar benefits and enhanced technical advantage. But don’t take our word for it: check out the whitepaper.

Get Actionable: Let Data Drive Decisions

Source: Looker
Release Date: Dec 2, 2014

As organizations look to integrate structured and unstructured data from a number of different sources, challenges arise and actionable insights are delivered more slowly. Discover how businesses are realizing the full benefit of their data with a new business intelligence model.

SpotlightON: Managing Big Data with Metadata

Source: General Atomics
Release Date: Nov 12, 2014

As organizations of today grow and evolve, so too are data volumes. Instead of throwing away old information, structured and unstructured data alike are funneled into enterprise data hubs, but often without the essential tool for keeping this data in order: metadata. Join us as we explore the potential of metadata and learn how to turn your data junkyard into a gold mine of insights.

SpotlightON: Unified Big Data Management

Source: Talend
Release Date: Nov 4, 2014

As information proliferates, data-driven companies have emerged as the leaders of their industries. But having petabytes of data in storage is only a start – being able to secure, integrate, cleanse, and transform that data through analysis is key. Learn more about how enterprises are gaining a competitive edge through a unified approach to big data management.

SpotlightON: Exploring the Hidden Costs of Open Source

Source: Revolution Analytics
Release Date: Sep 18, 2014

The combination of big data and open source movements is unleashing powerful forces of innovation upon the IT world. While the technology driving this may be open and free, the knowledge to use it effectively with ongoing support is not. So what’s the true cost of open source?

SpotlightON: Taking Action with Real-Time Enterprise Analytics

Source: DataTorrent
Release Date: Sep 11, 2014

The race is on, as new real-time analytic solutions go into production every day, and adoption has increased by 66 percent over two years, according to Forrester. Clearly, companies are feeling the need to act upon big data and the moment it’s captured. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the real-time waters or ready to submit proposals to vendors, this compendium has something for you.