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Harnessing Open Data to Create Smart Communities

In an increasingly urban world, there’s a real need for municipalities to become smarter. They have to become more efficient, innovative, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of stakeholders.

Our new smart city ebook explains how open data fuels smart communities, providing in-depth use cases and strategies for success.

Discover our new ebook and learn all about:

  • the benefits of building a smart city
  • the challenges to smart city success
  • how to build an effective smart city, whatever your size
  • examples of use cases from Opendatasoft customers including Morrisville, Cary, Jersey City, Kingston, Bristol, Southern Grampians, and Western Parkland
  • best practice advice on harnessing open data to create smart communities from a range of experts including Denodo, Siradel, Peclet Technology, 01Gov, Sciamlab and Ecomesure

Unleash the power of open data and build a smarter community by downloading our ebook.