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On the Radar: Lightbend’s Kalix Cloud Native Platform

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Microservices decouple components in an application, making it easier to build resilient and robust applications that can scale out rapidly and back to zero depending on demand.

Kalix, by Lightbend, offers a platform as a service (PaaS) for cloud native microservices and APIs. Kalix is a complete, out-of-the-box cloud native stack, with a NoOps approach that makes it easy for developers to adopt, as well as being enterprise ready with high performance and rapid scalability.

Why put Kalix on your radar?

Creating cloud native applications is complex. Kalix abstracts this complexity and offers a serverless/NoOps experience for developers, so they can focus on writing the application business logic. Users can benefit from high performance and scalability without having to manage it, and without having to consider service meshes, caches, and Kubernetes.

Developers can code in most languages of their choice. Lightbend has multiple language SDKs.