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The Future of Data Management: It’s Already Here

Analysts such as Gartner are claiming that data fabric is the future of data management. But, in fact, the future is already here. We see many signs of market maturity, ranging from total-addressable market projections t Read more…

A Look at the Graph Database Landscape

Graph databases are the fastest growing category in all of data management, according to, a database consultancy. Since seeing early adoption by companies including Twitter, Facebook and Google, graphs hav Read more…

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Why Young Developers Don’t Get Knowledge Graphs

Business is booming these days for graph databases--maybe it took COVID to show us how connected everything is--and that’s good news for Franz, which develops a semantic graph database called AllegroGraph. Just the sam Read more…

Cloud-Native Knowledge Graph Forges a Data Fabric

Knowledge graph databases continue to go cloud-native with the release of an enterprise version billed as a fabric connecting data on multiple clouds as well as on-premise data stores. The enterprise knowledge graph p Read more…

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