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March 21, 2024

Stardog Innovates with Voicebox and Karaoke, Offering Solutions for Generative AI in Regulated Sectors

ARLINGTON, Va., March 21, 2024 — Stardog has announced the general release of Stardog Voicebox, its Large Language Model Platform (LLM). Additionally, Stardog launched Stardog Karaoke, an appliance version of Voicebox that will enable highly-regulated businesses who utilize a hybrid cloud strategy to reap the enormous benefits of Voicebox and Generative AI (GenAI).

Businesses have long been slowed by a chronic inability to get accurate data into their workers’ hands in a timely and efficient manner. Voicebox, an LLM-powered conversational data platform, seeks to remedy those issues. Voicebox enables anyone to ask questions using ordinary language and get immediate answers based on trusted, timely, and accurate enterprise data. No special technical or programming skills are required.

“The key to building any successful generative AI platform is a strong foundational layer that connects an organization’s data and lets users question that data when and how they want it,” said Stardog founder and CEO Kendall Clark. “Voicebox is something that our customers have asked for, and it will play a critical role in their competitiveness and profitability.”

Stardog Karaoke will bring the cloud-based Voicebox platform to the edge; it’s a hardware-software appliance designed to bolt into on-premise data storage locations, including data centers, as well as factory floors, remote locations, etc.

Many industries, including financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing are impeded from reaping GenAI benefits due to regulations that make a pure cloud play difficuiltIn leading financial services firms, for example, just 2% of data is housed in the cloud because of regulatory requirements, making it impossible to develop a GenAI solution that incorporates complete data sets. On top of regulatory issues, developing GenAI in the cloud is cost-prohibitive at a time when C-Suites are scaling back cloud spend and budget growth is shrinking.

“Stardog Karaoke will provide businesses who want to build GenAI tools with an on-prem option they haven’t had before,” added Clark. “Putting the AI close to the data, in their own data centers, is a savvy move for businesses that will enable them to adhere to strict regulations and control cloud costs at a time when every dollar is considered critical. GenAI on the edge will be a growth area for impacting regulated business for the next phase of hybrid cloud deployment.”

Stardog Voicebox and Stardog Karaoke are available now.

About Stardog

Stardog is an enterprise data and AI company dedicated to providing multinational organizations and government agencies better access to their mission-critical data. Organizations like Boehringer Ingelheim, Raytheon, Schneider Electric, NASA, and the US Department of Defense rely on Stardog to provide them ready access to key data to running and growing their enterprises and accomplishing their missions.

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