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New PyTorch 2.0 Compiler Promises Big Speedup for AI Developers

Machine learning and AI developers are eager to get their hands on PyTorch 2.0, which was unveiled in late 2022 and is due to become available this month. Among the features greeting eager ML developers is a compiler as Read more…

Large Language Models in 2023: Worth the Hype?

ChatGPT has caught the world’s attention. There’s no denying that. But do large language models, of which ChatGPT is a member, have the staying power to be a transformative force for business in 2023? We once again t Read more…

This Just In

Lightning AI Releases PyTorch Lightning 2.0 and a New Open Source Library for Lightweight Scaling of ML Models

Mar 16, 2023 |

NEW YORK, March 16, 2023 — Lightning AI has announced the general availability of PyTorch Lightning 2.0, the company’s flagship open source AI framework used by more than 10,000 organizations to quickly and cost-efficiently train and scale machine learning models. Read more…