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Kyligence Doubles Down on Cubes in the Cloud

Multidimensional analysis, or the use of pre-computed OLAP cubes, used to be a primary method for quickly obtaining useful information from reams of data, but has largely fallen out of favor in the age of big data and bi Read more…

Peering Into the Crystal Ball of Advanced Analytics

The world of advanced analytics was evolving quickly at the end of 2020. And according to our panel of experts who volunteered predictions on the topic, the accelerated pace of change in advanced data analytics will cont Read more…

Kyligence Grows OLAP Business in the Cloud

Companies that need to analyze large amounts of data have many options available to them these days. One option they may want to be aware of is Kyligence, which develops a distributed OLAP query engine that can run on pr Read more…

Q&A: Appro gets ready for 16-core AMD “Interlagos” processors

In the volatile high performance computing (HPC) market, vendor longevity is quite rare. However, Appro has not only endured, but continues to introduce innovative solutions. One of the company’s strengths is that while some vendors flashed into and out of existence by offering rigid solutions exclusively for the highest end of the market, Appro has tried to appeal to the medium to large-scale HPC market with a variety of workload configuration requirements. Read more…

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Kyligence and Global IT Service Provider ESS to Bring Apache Kylin and Kyligence High-Performance Analytics Solutions to Latin America

Sep 30, 2020 |

SAN JOSE,  Calif., Sept. 30, 2020 Kyligence, originator of Apache Kylin and AI-assisted distributed SQL and OLAP solutions, today announced that Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) has become a global selling, service, and training partner, offering the full Kyligence solutions portfolio across Latin America. Read more…