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Real-Time Data Streaming, Kafka and Analytics, Part 2: Going Beyond Pure Streaming

Feb 25, 2020 |

Data transaction streaming is managed through many platforms, with one of the most common being Apache Kafka. In our first article in this data streaming series, we delved into the definition of data transaction and streaming and why it is critical to manage information in real-time for the most accurate analytics. Read more…

Great Cloud Migration Opens Data Opportunities

Jun 12, 2019 |

We’re in the midst of a massive cloud migration at the moment, as companies look to take advantage of the scalability and simplicity of storing and processing data in the cloud. Read more…

Six Reasons Why Enterprises Need a Modern Data Integration Architecture

May 4, 2018 |

Data is instigating change and giving rise to a new data-driven economy that is still in its infancy. Organizations across industries increasingly recognize that monetizing data is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge and are adapting their business models accordingly. Read more…

Real-Time Data: The Importance of Immediacy in Today’s Digital Economy

Feb 14, 2018 |

Today, we’re creating more data than the word has ever seen before. In fact, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the past two years. Read more…

Attunity Relishes Role as Connective Tissue for Big Data

Oct 18, 2017 |

In the big data world, there are a few patterns that repeat themselves over and over again. One of those is the need to move data from one place to another. Read more…

News In Brief

Microsoft Aims for Data Analytics Unification with ‘Synapse’

Nov 8, 2019 |

Microsoft took a big step toward unifying disparate analytic toolsets and functions this week with the launch of Synapse Analytics, an ambitious new cloud-hosted offering that seeks to bring together the separate worlds of data warehousing and data lakes. Read more…

Attunity Brings CDC to Google Cloud

Sep 11, 2018 |

Enterprises that are looking to push transactional data from on-premise systems into Google’s cloud environment may want to check out the latest from Attunity, which today announced support for Google Cloud Platform with its change data capture (CDC) software. Read more…

Big Data Financial Update (Dec. 2016)

Dec 2, 2016 |In our latest recurring feature, we’ll provide you with financial highlights from companies in the Big Data industry. Check back in regularly for an updated list with the most pertinent fiscal information. Read more…

This Just In

Fanzz Selects Attunity Replicate to Enable Big Data Analytics

May 20, 2015 |

Burlington, MA — May 20 – Attunity Ltd., a leading provider of information availability software solutions, announced today that Fanzz Sports Apparel, Inc., one of the largest providers of sports apparel and merchandise in the United States, has selected Attunity’s high-performance data replication solution, Attunity Replicate, to accelerate and facilitate the distribution, replication and availability of its data for business operations and analytics needs. Read more…

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