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October 30, 2020

Varada Named a ‘Cool Vendor in Data Management’ by Gartner

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 30, 2020 — Varada, a zero data-ops data lake query acceleration innovator, announced it has been recognized in the Cool Vendors in Data Management report by Gartner, Inc.

“We see this recognition among the Cool Vendors in Data Management as a confirmation of our approach to the market and our technical vision for helping organizations achieve their business goals through data virtualization,” said Eran Vanounou, CEO of Varada. “We are enabling organizations to be ‘data first’ by embracing the data lake architecture and instantly monetizing all their available data, at a predictable and controlled budget. It’s exciting to see others taking notice of our unique indexing technology and the value it delivers to the data management market.”

The Varada Data Platform offers a new standard in data virtualization. It eliminates data silos and the resulting strain on data ops teams with its smart indexing technology and machine-learning-powered automation tools that optimize for each query workload’s unique budget and performance requirements. Varada brings order to wild, unpredictable and economically unsustainable swings in query infrastructure costs while dramatically boosting query performance.

Varada addresses the problem that each query has different tradeoffs between price and business requirements. Because accelerating every query to its maximum extent imposes unsustainable infrastructure costs, data ops teams struggle with prioritizing queries so that each meets its unique price versus performance requirements.

Varada offers powerful platform capabilities allowing data architects to define each query’s priorities and budget. Based on advanced ML-engines, Varada then handles all data ops related to optimization and workload governance. Even without the input of data architects, Varada continuously monitors queries to identify heavy users, hotspots, bottlenecks and more to deliver actionable insights on how queries perform.

Varada’s Innovative Technology Has ‘Smart Indexing’ at Its Core

Varada’s unique indexing technology efficiently indexes data directly from the data lake across any column so that any query on a dataset that has an index build will be optimized automatically. Our indexing technology breaks data, across any column, into nano blocks. Varada automatically chooses the most effective index for each nano-block based on the data content and structure. This unique indexing technology is what makes all your data available and interactive.

Varada’s machine-learning optimization tools continuously track cluster performance and data usage. Varada monitors queries on a workload-basis to see which tables and columns are used the most, how queries are running and where bottlenecks form, and automatically adapts the operational dataset. Varada also leverages advanced cost-based optimization to ensure the best possible resource utilization.

About Varada

The Varada mission is to enable data practitioners to go beyond the traditional limitations imposed by data infrastructure and instead zero in on the data and answers they need—with complete control over performance, cost and flexibility. In Varada’s world of big data, every query can find its optimal plan, with no prior preparation and no bottlenecks, providing consistent performance at a petabyte scale. Varada was founded by veterans of the Dell EMC XtremIO core team, and is dedicated to leveraging new architecture to take on the challenge of data and business agility. For more information, visit:

Source: Varada

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