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June 29, 2021

TigerGraph Expands Partner Ecosystem to Bring the Power of Graph to More Businesses

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 29, 2021 — TigerGraph, provider of a leading graph analytics platform, today announced that it has expanded its partner ecosystem in the United States, Europe and Asia to help meet the growing demand for its platform. The company has added an array of global systems integrators, technology vendors and fulfillment companies to its partner roster. This partner program expansion comes after the company recently closed a $105 million funding round, the largest funding round to date within the graph database and analytics market.

“TigerGraph is experiencing escalating demand for graph database and analytics as businesses seek better insights about their customers, products and suppliers. One of the ways we’re addressing this interest is by expanding our network of top-tier channel partners,” said Todd Blaschka, COO of TigerGraph. “The combination of our partners’ deep domain expertise and TigerGraph’s advanced analytics and machine learning platform is helping organizations in multiple sectors ask business logic questions and receive business answers in real time. These answers fuel key insights that, in turn, enable financial institutions, healthcare providers and retailers to preempt and prevent fraud, improve patient care and boost the customer experience.”

Gartner lists graph as one of its “top data and analytics trends for 2021,” claiming, “graph relates everything”: “Although graph technologies are not new to data and analytics, there has been a shift in the thinking around them as organizations identify an increasing number of use cases.”

TigerGraph’s deep, broad technology partner relationships will help meet this increasing appetite for graph analytics. TigerGraph partners with organizations that offer complementary technology solutions and services.

The company’s partner program connects sellers deeply with new prospects, providing unparalleled access to one of the most exciting movements in enterprise software. Partners such as Accenture, Capgemini, AMD, Dell, Lenovo, Expero and others, are enabling businesses to realize the full potential of graph analytics. In addition to European partners, TigerGraph’s global roster also encompasses partners in APJ and Africa, including SaH Analytics, Intech Solutions and Megazone. Use cases include:

Fighting Financial Crime

TigerGraph has worked with Dell, Expero and Xilinx to develop next-generation solutions for AML detection, investigation and reporting; the combined solutions provide organizations with real-time “prevent and intervene” strategies. TigerGraph and Expero have developed several joint toolkits that facilitate easy deployment and integration, including a financial crimes toolkit aimed at combating money laundering with graph analytics and machine learning. In fact, the TigerGraph-Expero combination boosts fraud detection accuracy by 20 percent, while cutting costs by 10 percent. Meanwhile, TigerGraph and Xilinx combine FPGA with graph database and analytics to accelerate the Louvain community detection algorithm, which helps identify potential fraud and money laundering rings among large datasets 20 times faster than a CPU-only alternative.

“We can use analytics to look at risk factors within the network of relationships and transactions between people and companies—and then use graph technologies to examine risks that we may not have been able to see before,” said Heather Adams, managing director, resilience risk and trust, Accenture. “Any step forward in better identifying where fraudsters are taking advantage of customers or where your organization is being abused by criminals is a great step forward and one that society as a whole can benefit from. Data and analytics can absolutely be a part of that journey.”

Improving Healthcare

TigerGraph has teamed with Expero for a “doctor 360” application for Exact Sciences, a leading provider of cancer screening and diagnostics tests. Exact Sciences, with graph analytics, can more effectively reach doctors with targeted marketing materials about the latest cancer detection options. Also, current patient engagement patterns are more direct-to-consumer with the advent of telemedicine and social media. As a result, the need for real-time, deep-link customer journey analytics has intensified. The combined solution allows for a deeper understanding of the doctor and patient journey, eliminates churn, boosts productivity and increases profits.

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About TigerGraph

TigerGraph is a platform for advanced analytics and machine learning on connected data. Based on a distributed native graph database, TigerGraph’s technology supports advanced analytics and machine learning applications such as fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), entity resolution, customer 360, recommendations, knowledge graph, cybersecurity, supply chain, IoT, and network analysis. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA. Start free with

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