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December 7, 2022

Tampa General Hospital and Palantir Partner to Improve Patient Care Through Data and Analytics Platform

TAMPA, Fla. and DENVERDec. 7, 2022 — Tampa General Hospital and Palantir Technologies Inc., a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, today announced a partnership to improve patient care by deploying data and analytics through a connected hospital platform focused on driving operational, research, and clinical excellence. Through this partnership, Tampa General will be utilizing Palantir Foundry as the foundation of their data platform, employing AI capabilities to augment critical decision-making on the frontlines and furthering its mission to become the safest and most innovative academic health system in America.

Health systems today generate continuously increasing, historic volumes of data through daily patient care, but existing tools provide limited support for wielding that data to create value. Palantir is enabling Tampa General to take its organization to the leading edge of innovation in health care by integrating Foundry’s ontology with key data sources and applying advanced analytics to deliver insights to caregivers and decision-makers across the health system — from improving operations, to enhancing clinical care, to accelerating research insight generation while ensuring the protection of patient privacy and appropriate use of sensitive data. Foundry has already generated significant value for Tampa General, including improving hospital-wide patient flow through predictive planning and driving better adherence to target staffing ratios while reducing excess costs.

Put to the test during Hurricane Ian and with the sudden expectation of an influx in patients, Palantir rapidly extended the already existing data framework built on Foundry to configure an interactive, live 360 degree view of patients and providers. In under 24 hours, Palantir provided Tampa General with the ability to conduct scenario planning around patient-to-provider allocation and maximize timely care. Tampa General conducted mass outreach to staff members to make essential changes to staffing plans as the situation unfolded. Both workflows have been repurposed for post-hurricane day-to-day operations, providing continually compounding value in Foundry.

“Bringing together our data, analytics, and operations through Foundry not only enables our team members to see the big picture of how our hospital is currently running, but also predict changes we need to account for, allowing us to optimize every decision we make,” said Brian Hammond, vice president and chief technology officer, Tampa General. “To us, our health care system is a place where people come for personalized care for both themselves and loved ones. Improving the insights we generate from the data we already have available helps us with this mission, and Palantir has already demonstrated the power of our partnership in helping us triage the challenges of Hurricane Ian at a moment’s notice.”

In the next year of partnership, Palantir and Tampa General will continue deploying Foundry to enhance existing operational use cases while expanding to new areas to drive better connectivity across the hospital, which may include supporting care pathway management, improving operating room schedule planning, improving utilization across critical service lines, and driving cutting-edge translational research initiatives.

“Tampa General is a great example of a leading healthcare system that has prioritized finding the best technology available to improve outcomes for their patients, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working together to influence the results that matter most,” said Palantir COO, Shyam Sankar. “The fact that Tampa General’s expertise paired with our best-in-class software has already powered a solution that took on the complexity and ambiguity of natural disaster like Hurricane Ian, is proof of the long-standing value this partnership will bring.”

Source: Palantir