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February 20, 2018

REDMINT NETWORK Launches Loud ML Deep Learning API for Linux in the US in Partnership with InfluxData

Feb. 20, 2018 — REDMINT NETWORK, a French Tech Startup from the Rhone Alpes region of France specialized in artificial intelligence software, has released a new disruptive deep learning API for Linux. Loud ML is a versatile API that enables companies to integrate data science into their applications with minimal development time and fast installation within a wide range of software environments. The product radically improves implementation time, with APIs that empower Linux developers to add predictive capabilities to an application in seconds.

REDMINT NETWORK has also established a partnership agreement with InfluxData to develop tools by combining the time series database monitoring and analytics of InfluxData with the data science expertise of REDMINT NETWORK.  The companies will begin hosting joint informative webinar sessions to educate users of the benefits of using integrated solutions from the companies.

“We built InfluxData as a platform for developers to build into their applications quickly,” said Paul Dix, CTO of InfluxData. “By including InfluxData into their machine learning software, REDMINT NETWORK will be able to quickly consume time series data and apply machine learning, quickly turning it into actionable data for the enterprise.”

REDMINT NETWORK will also be present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year to introduce the Loud ML API. You can join the team in Hall 5, Booth 5B61 and request a meeting for more information.

According to Sébastien Léger, founder of REDMINT NETWORK, “Everyone wants to use deep learning, but the data science and mathematics skills are difficult to master. We want to open deep learning to a large community. This is how we’ve built Loud ML for ourselves, and now we’ve made it available for free with the Developer edition. The Loud ML APIs are easy to integrate and available to a large community, first being offered in the InfluxData solution. They will accelerate the introduction of autonomous deep learning into a wide range of applications spanning multiple industries.”

Product Features

Loud ML is a versatile API that empowers enterprises to integrate actionable data science into their applications with minimum development time. With its intelligent prediction and embedding tools, Loud ML negates the need to wait for system usage observations before taking smart auto-scaling decisions.

The Loud ML framework will allow organizations to:

  • dynamically scale and drive smart load-balancing decisions for VMWARE and/or KVM virtual resources according topredicted load, enabling cloud and hosting providers to reduce operating costs while delivering high-quality services and response times to their users;
  • embed smart intent-based decisions in network services and NGN equipment when network traffic patterns indicate that streaming congestion will impact customer experience, permitting service providers to scale and reduce operating costs;
    • spot anomalies in e-commerce purchasing patterns, and automatically send smart alerts which filter out noise, ensuring e-commerce companies receive the most relevant alerts when things go wrong in the customer’s journey; and
    • predict changes in customer purchasing history, enabling retail companies to forecast demand with optimal accuracy.

The Loud ML Developer edition is available for free. Loud ML is also available for purchase for providers who wish to integrate predictive and unsupervised machine learning capabilities with their own products or services. The REDMINT team provides expert consulting advice to accelerate customer projects and specific use cases using Loud ML. The installation and setup guide are available at:


REDMINT is a French Tech software company with expertise in data science and deep learning solutions. Its innovative Loud ML software framework delivers easy-to-integrate APIs for Linux, significantly reducing the time to market for smart capabilities integration into vendor applications and software stacks. The company intends open its capital later in 2018 for Series A financing with plans to hire talent and reach new ambitious targets.


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