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January 11, 2022

Profusion and Sisense Team Up to Tackle Skills Gaps with New Data Training Program

LONDON, Jan. 11, 2022 — Leading data science company Profusion has partnered with Sisense, the leading AI-driven platform for infusing analytics everywhere,  to offer a range of data and digital skills training.  

The programs, which cover UX Dashboard Design and Sisense BloX, aim to teach professionals the techniques they need to get the most out of data dashboards. This includes learning how to build and customize data dashboards for quick and accurate visualization and analysis, build customized data widgets and define the analytics of user personas. 

Profusion will offer these courses online to professionals across the world. The partnership extends Profusion’s long standing collaboration with Sisense, now as their Global Training Partner, and also marks a significant expansion of Profusion’s Data Academy. 

The Academy is one of the UK’s first academic and business training schools which aims to both improve representation in data science and close the skills gap in the UK by teaching professionals at every level a range of data and digital skills. Profusion intends to expand its partnership with Sisense further in the next few months to offer Linux support training and end user training.  

The partnership follows the recent launch of the Academy’s Data for Leaders course which teaches C-Suite and Heads Of Departments how to get the best out of data talent in their organization by helping them to ask the right questions and judge the impact of data initiatives. It aims to significantly improve data literacy of business leaders. According to Profusion’s own extensive research into this issue – only 34% of senior leaders in the UK have an adequate level of data literacy.  

Natalie Cramp, CEO of Profusion, said: “There is huge demand from professionals at every level for data training. They realize that to be the best at their jobs now and in the future they need to get to grips with the data revolution by learning new skills. Being able to understand and build data dashboards is such an important ability. It enables businesses to gain profound insights into their operations and extract maximum value from their data. It is a significant tool in data storytelling, which is critical to harnessing value from data across a business. We’re delighted to work with Sisense to expand our academy to cover these critical skills.” 

Adva Almog-Dadush, Training Program Manager at  Sisense said: “Choosing Profusion was an easy decision for us, they’ve been our client for 5 years, and have been instrumental to our implementation and onboarding process, as well as our partner for more than 3 years now. 

“This new partnership is a testament to their knowledge of the platform, and having a Global Training Partner will drastically improve Sisense virtual course cadence around the globe, as well as enable smaller learning groups – this powers our customers to make the absolute best of their learning with Profusion Data Academy.” 

The course will enable participants to practice in a hands-on, interactive way how to define the analytics user persona and plan data visualizations and interaction to support and improve their own dashboards. Upon completion of each course, participants will receive certification from Sisense, noting they’ve mastered improving dashboard stickiness and driving adoption.  

About Profusion 

Profusion translates your data into value for your business by splitting your business strategy into data strategies and the tangible projects to deliver them. We ensure you have the right people, culture and technology to make it happen. Our Data for Leaders training supports C-Suite and Heads Of Departments to get the best out of the data talent in their organization, helping them to ask the right questions and judge effort vs impact for projects. We work with large and small clients, as well as startups, from multinationals like HSBC, to retailers like Kingfisher Group, through to manufacturers and FMCGs like Coty. 

About Sisense 

Sisense goes beyond traditional business intelligence by providing organizations with the ability to infuse analytics everywhere, embedded in both customer and employee applications and workflows. Sisense customers are breaking through the barriers of analytics adoption by going beyond the dashboard with Sisense Fusion – the highly customizable, AI-driven analytics cloud platform, that infuses intelligence at the right place and the right time, every time. More than 2,000 global companies rely on Sisense to innovate, disrupt markets and drive meaningful change in the world. Ranked as the No. 1 Business Intelligence company in terms of customer success, Sisense has also been named one of the Forbes’ Cloud 100, The World’s Best Cloud Companies, six years in a row. Visit us at

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