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September 29, 2020

Pepperdata Announces Query Spotlight Now Supports Apache Impala

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 29, 2020 — Pepperdata, the leader in Big Data Performance, has expanded the capabilities of Query Spotlight, a recent product in its big data performance suite, to support Apache Impala—one of the leading players in interactive SQL query engines.

Query Spotlight makes it easier for operators and developers to understand the detailed performance characteristics of their query workloads together with related infrastructure-wide issues. The product allows query workloads to be tuned, debugged and optimized for better performance and reduced costs in the cloud and on premises. Query Spotlight for Impala displays detailed stats, query plan, breakup of the query duration by every step and also provides visibility into databases and tables. The recommendation engine includes system level recommendations as well as query level recommendations—joins included.

Query Spotlight is deployed and trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Enterprise customers report that queries are a significant portion of their analytics workloads, and the performance of these workloads is critical. Query Spotlight lets IT and applications teams easily identify the most expensive queries and quickly optimize their performance.

Troubleshooting, performance and availability are more than one third of IT spend, according to Gartner’s Strategic Roadmap for IT Monitoring. Inefficient queries result in missed SLAs, negative impact on other users and slow database resources. Visibility into query database metrics allows IT operators to quickly optimize performance at scale. Developers use query metrics to rapidly find query plan problems, identify bottlenecks and get actionable recommendations to speed resolution. Query Spotlight provides a holistic view, enabling visibility between executing queries and the database tables they access. With added support for Impala queries, benefits include:

  • Visibility into all your Hive and Impala queries in one place in a similar format
  • Recommendations to improve the performance of your queries
  • Comparison of query runs with chargeback reports

“Queries are a significant portion of our customer’s big data workloads, so we know the performance of these workloads is critical. IT and applications teams can now get visibility into their Hive and Impala queries in one place, compare the runs of their queries and take advantage of the recommendations Query Spotlight provides,” says Ash Munshi, CEO, Pepperdata. “We’re confident Query Spotlight can increase the performance of their Impala queries while helping them decrease overall costs.”

Take a guided tour of Query Spotlight here. The product is available now. New query types are forthcoming.

About Pepperdata

Pepperdata products provide observability and automatic optimization for the big data stack in the cloud and on premises. The Pepperdata solution provides full stack visibility for troubleshooting, debugging and planning. The solution continuously tunes for optimal performance. This helps IT maintain business continuity, ensuring that applications and workloads meet SLAs, and track resource usage and spend for clear accountability. Unlike solutions that need manual, time-consuming application-by-application tuning, Pepperdata automatically scales system resources while providing a detailed and correlated understanding of each application using hundreds of real-time application and infrastructure metrics. Companies like Expedia and Royal Bank of Canada depend on Pepperdata to deliver big data success. For more information, visit

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