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April 3, 2014

Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet Solutions Now Cloudera 5 Certified

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 3 — Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced that its FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand, 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s Ethernet solutions are fully certified on Cloudera 5. Mellanox has been certified on all previous versions of Cloudera solutions, including CDH3 and CDH4, so customers can securely deploy their choice of data intensive applications delivering performance, resiliency and cost effectiveness, using Mellanox interconnect solutions.

“Providing a reliable, high-performance interconnect solution is crucial for today’s Big Data infrastructures,” said Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “Mellanox’s FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand, 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s Ethernet solutions have been certified to provide the most efficient data transfer capabilities to customer’s applications deployed with Cloudera 5.”

“With the exponential growth and power in data today, future data center business value depends on the fastest interconnects available,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, corporate and business development, Cloudera. “Mellanox’s certification of its interconnect solutions on Cloudera 5 ensures customers have the most innovative data management technology available to them and are well-positioned to capture the big data opportunity.”