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May 23, 2018

McObject’s New eXtremeDB Running on E8 Storage Sets Multiple Records in STAC Benchmark Tests

LONDON, NEW YORK, and SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 23, 2018 — McObject, developer of eXtremeDB, an ultra-efficient database system for real-time and historical data analysis, announced today it has set multiple STAC-M3 benchmark records, running on E8 Storage, a pioneer in shared accelerated storage for data-intensive, high-performance applications that drive business revenue. This powerful combination produced impressive results in STAC Benchmarks, with the fastest tests performing 17x faster than the previous best results. The results firmly cement McObject’s place at the forefront of the database management industry and demonstrate the power of E8 Storage’s shared NVMe storage system for financial analysis.  The results set a clear and impressive new standard for the rest of the sector.

The STAC-M3 benchmark suite is the standard for independent industry testing of high-speed time series data analytics. It was specified by a number of banks and hedge funds in the highly-respected STAC Benchmark Council, facilitated by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC). The tests are designed to measure the performance of processing tick-by-tick market data, i.e. a ‘tick database’, with well-defined hardware and software technology stacks.

The full STAC Report is available at

The outstanding results include:

  • Faster mean response times than all previously published best results for 5 of the 17 operations.
  • More consistent response times (lower standard deviation) than all previous best results for 7 of the 17 operations.
  • 0x the performance of the previously published best result for the write benchmark (STAC-M3.β1.1T.WRITE.TIME) using a non-McObject database.
  • 1x the performance of the previously published best result for the NBBO benchmark (STAC-M3.β1.1T.NBBO.TIME) using a non-McObject database.

Steve Graves, CEO and co-founder of McObject, says: “We’re absolutely delighted to have set so many new records. We’ve known for a while that eXtremeDB delivers exceptional performance, and these latest benchmarks prove it again.” He adds: “It’s particularly gratifying to have set these records with our new Financial Edition (for HPC) running on E8 Storage.”

“These results offer proof that E8 Storage solutions and NVMe technology can deliver the speed and acceleration required by data- and transaction-intensive applications for financial trading systems,” concludes Zivan Ori, Co-founder and CEO of E8 Storage. “Working as a team focused on developing an innovative package, has enabled E8 Storage and McObject to break performance barriers and consistently provide performance improvements and responsiveness to multiple workloads.”

All the queries were programmed using Python and SQL, running on a Supermicro SYS-2028TP-HTTR, connected to an E8 Storage E8-X24 high-performance shared NVMe storage appliance.

About E8 Storage

E8 Storage is a pioneer in shared accelerated storage for data-intensive, high-performance applications that drive business revenue. E8 Storage’s affordable, reliable and scalable solution is ideally suited for the most demanding low-latency workloads, including real-time analytics, financial and trading applications, transactional processing and large-scale file systems. Driven by the company’s patented architecture, E8 Storage’s high-performance shared NVMe storage solution delivers 10 times the performance at half the cost of existing storage products. With E8 Storage, enterprise datacenters can enjoy unprecedented storage performance density and scale, delivering NVMe performance without compromising on reliability and availability. Privately held, E8 Storage is based in Santa Clara with R&D in Tel Aviv, and channel partners throughout the US and Europe. For more information, please visit, and follow us on Twitter @E8Storage and LinkedIn.

About McObject

Founded by database and real-time systems experts, McObject offers proven, ultra-fast data management technology. The company’s background and expertise in defense and aviation sectors means that its technology is exceptionally reliable and robust.

Source: McObject

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