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August 13, 2018

MapR Academy Offers New Course on Application Containers and Kubernetes

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 13, 2018 — MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of a leading data platform for AI and Analytics, has announced a new, free on-demand course from MapR Academy on application containers and Kubernetes. Application Containers and Kubernetes explains how Kubernetes enhances application containers and makes them a viable solution for deployment on an enterprise level. This course is ideal for business decision-makers and administrators who want to more fully understand how to use application containers in a production environment.

“Application containers and Kubernetes are two relatively new technologies used to improve efficiency of creating and deploying applications in an enterprise environment. Even users who are comfortable with application containers may not understand how Kubernetes can ease their transition into using application containers on a production environment,” said Suzanne Ferry, vice president, global training and enablement, MapR Technologies. “This course explains how Kubernetes enhances application containers and makes them a viable solution for deployment on an enterprise level.”

This course, Application Containers and Kubernetes, introduces learners to application containers, what they are, and how they are used in an enterprise environment to improve the efficiency of the software development pipeline. It discusses how Kubernetes manages the orchestration of containerized applications and resources across a global landscape. It also highlights how the MapR Data Platform integrates with Kubernetes to provide persistent storage for otherwise stateless containers, and can even make an all cloud solution that greatly increases the speed and efficiency of processing real-time data.

This course is designed for business decision makers who are investigating how best to use Kubernetes to positively impact business efficiency; administrators who will use Kubernetes to manage and deploy production application containers; and people interested in learning more about application containers and Kubernetes.

To register for Application Containers and Kubernetes, visit here.

About MapR Technologies

MapR Technologies, provider of the industry’s leading data platform for AI and Analytics, enables enterprises to inject analytics into their business processes to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. MapR addresses the data complexities of high-scale and mission critical distributed processing from the cloud to the edge, IoT analytics, and container persistence. Global 2000 enterprises trust the MapR Data Platform to help them solve their most complex AI and analytics challenges. Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, SAP and other leading businesses are all part of the MapR ecosystem. For more information, visit

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